XP will not load

  exprog 13:37 13 Jan 2010

Hi.. I have been asked to look at a PC for a friend, which will not load XP, and comes up with the message:-

A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your Computer.

I have tried in Safe Mode, but the same happens.

I removed the disk and placed it in another PC as a second disk, ran CHKDSK, and virus checked it with Avast, which found several viruses and removed them.

Connecting it back in the orginal PC - still no joy, but now it just reboots?.

I have an OEM XP disk which I have managed to put on as a second OS. I can boot using this but requires validation.

I was wondering if I could effect a repair of the original XP, using either the OEM disk or copy on the hard disk.

Any help would be appreciated, as I am stuck.

I would also add that the friend has lost the XP disk.

  woodchip 14:21 13 Jan 2010

What you need to do is start with the XP cd then choose setup, after it checks for operating system click on the one that does not work, then press r for repair.

  exprog 15:12 13 Jan 2010

Sorry - XP disk I have is a system and recovery disk, did not get the option to repair, just said checking for operating systems, and then went straight in to setting up a new version.

  retep888 15:23 13 Jan 2010

If your friend's PC has an OEM XP authentication sticker then reload XP using your own disk.

And then activate windows using the 25 digits on the sticker.

  exprog 15:34 13 Jan 2010

Sorry - no authentication sticker

  Jollyjohn 16:26 13 Jan 2010


Try booting from the cd again. When it asks to install Windows select yes. It will then look for existing operating systems and give you the choice to repair existing or install new.
If you do not get this option then the cd is a different version , home or pro, to the installed version.
Borrow a cd of the correct version and you will get the option to repair BUT you will need the authentication code. You may get past the first request for it but after a successful repair you may get stuck at a login screen saying this copy must be activated before logging in. If all the drivers are present and the pc will connect to the internet it may activate automatically.

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