XP will not install on new system

  Ponder 16:12 11 Dec 2004

Can anyone help please.
I have just built a new system using a MB bundle, new 80gb HDD & new DVD CD combo. Following the instructions in the Easy Installation Guide ? I loaded the optimised defaults in BIOS. The HDD was detected and I formatted to NTFS using my XP CD but the installation stopped at Shell32.dll saying it cant load it. After repeated attempts it also stops at Netbt.sys and FastFat.sys. I have tried using a friends XP CD and the same happens. It now says it cannot load the keyboard layout file KBDUS.DLL which is at the start of setup.
System info
Foxconn K7S741MG-6L WinFast MB (SiS chipset)
Athlon XP2500, 2x256mb pc3200, onboard video and sound.
I have also tried loading the BIOS Fail Safe Defaults and got as far as ini910u.sys before it stopped with :- Driver_unloaded_without_cancelling_pending_operations. Stop: 0x000000ce(0xf7c9f27,0x00000000,0xf7c49f27,0,00000000)ini910u.sys

  Diodorus Siculus 16:51 11 Dec 2004

Very much sounds like a bad memory chip. Many installations of XP fail with "disk read errors" or the like, caused by memory faults. Can you try a different memory chip?

  alnwrd 16:54 11 Dec 2004

I think the faults point to something fundamental in your setup. Did the kit come preassembled? Some points to check.

1. If using ide have you connected the ide cable the correct way round to ide1 and your hard disk drive. You should connect the end connector to your hard drive, and the middle one to any slave device eg cd drive. Also check the cable for breaks which I discovered recently in a new foxconn mother board.

2. Have you inserted the memory modules in the correct slots according to the motherboard manual. Check with the manual that you are connecting the correct type and combination of memory.

3. Are you getting checksum errors on bootup?


  woodchip 16:58 11 Dec 2004

You should set the BIOS to Defaults not optimised

  woodchip 16:59 11 Dec 2004

You should set the BIOS to Defaults not optimised.

PS you can tweak these later

  Ponder 17:21 11 Dec 2004

Thank you Diodorus Siculus I have just got it running by removing one of the memory sticks and its loading now. Thank you also alnwrd this kit did come pre-assembled and guaranteed tested? The cable was found with a break but I replaced it. Thank you also woodchip I will bear that in mind. All I have to do now is swap over the memory modules to proove its that and not the MB.

Thank you all for your help.

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