XP will no longer boot up.

  bumpkin 16:53 15 Dec 2014

I was using XP pro on a spare PC for CCTV monitoring and recording. The software is old and will not work properly using Win7. I messed about trying to create a bootable clone on another internal drive as a backup. I ended up not being able to boot from the clone or the original drive or even the Windows CD.

With just the original disk fitted I get the message "Unexpected error, status 0xc0000001" and suggests that I do a repair from the CD. Tried that but the CD starts working then gives error STOP 0x0000007E, so I can't even do a clean instal.

Any help please.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:25 15 Dec 2014

0xc0000001 click here probaly a bad boot file. or bad drive.

take it out and connect to another PC and edit the boot file.

0x0000007E click here may be because windows cannot find sufficent hard drive space to load the repair tools onto your hard drive.

  bumpkin 19:50 15 Dec 2014

Thanks Fruitbat, I have now tried it in another PC which does not see it, also clicking now so I would think it has failed. That itself would be no real problem if I could get the old PC to boot from the clone which it did earlier. I made it as a backup for this kind of situation.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:02 15 Dec 2014

CAn the other PC see the clone drive?

  bumpkin 21:11 15 Dec 2014

I have not tried it yet, the old PC can see the drive OK though. Not the easiest thing to explain but the old PC now has 2 drives, one with just Win7 on it which is what it boots from.

The second drive has 2 partitions, the first called F which is just for recording the CCTY video. The second "G" has the clone of XP on it and nothing else. The clone was made using "XX Clone" which said it had completed successfully and that I could boot from the clone giving me the option to do so which I did and it worked OK.

To confuse things a bit more the original XP drive (Now broken) had bcd installed on it giving me the option of booting Win7 or XP. I now still get this option but it wont boot XP as the original drive is no longer there. I think it is looking for XP on the removed drive rather than the clone if any of that makes any sense.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:39 15 Dec 2014


Original XP on first partion of drive - cloned xp is on second partion

you will need to edit bcd to point it to this second partition.

  bumpkin 21:59 15 Dec 2014

Thanks again, maybe getting somewhere. bcd is on the clone which I cannot access. At present I can only boot into Win7. Can I download bcd onto the Win7 drive and set it from there or in desperation clone the second partition onto the first.

  bumpkin 22:07 15 Dec 2014

"Original XP on first partion of drive - cloned xp is on second partion"

No, original XP was on the failed drive. The first partition on the other one is data recording for CCTV and the second one is the clone although the same thing probably applies regarding getting it to point to the second partition.

  bumpkin 00:15 16 Dec 2014

Just getting worse by the moment, let's assume that the original drive has failed and the backup clone will not work. Surely it should boot from the Windows XP CD for a clean install but it won't.

  bumpkin 11:26 16 Dec 2014

At last the solution. My stupid mistake as usual, "Easy bcd" installed on the Win7 drive was searching for the Win7 O/S only, I had not set it to automatically search all drives for XP. It now boots as it should from the clone.

Thanks for your help Fruitbat, that steered me in the right direction.

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