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Is XP the way for me to go

  nobbyhigo 16:28 08 Dec 2004

i have just bought a new system with 98se installed on my new h/d, and i have my old h/d as a slave i am having bother installing, mp3 player , card reader with the usbs provided. i wondered now if i should go to XP on my new h/d while there is little on it, back up my slave h/d files and take it out,What to do i cant decide
what edition of Xp would i need if i went down this road. Sorry about the many questions asked i just wondered if any one could guide me through a bit
regards Pat

  woodchip 16:55 08 Dec 2004

Why not leave C:\ drive with 98se and load XP on slave drive. XP will setup a dual boot

  nobbyhigo 17:08 08 Dec 2004

whats this dual boot i dont understand that bit
my slave h/d is only 7.5 my new one is 40
regards Pat

  woodchip 17:09 08 Dec 2004

So that when you boot you can choose to run 98 or XP

  woodchip 17:12 08 Dec 2004

PS I am not stuck with that, as I have a Win98se Comp that I use the Most as I like Win98se. Have a desktop XP, and a Laptop XP

  nobbyhigo 17:20 08 Dec 2004

so i use xp home if i want to, So do i format the new h/d after 2 days use or run over the 98se or will i be able to put it on the 7.5 h/d
regards Pat

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