Is XP the way for me to go

  nobbyhigo 16:28 08 Dec 2004

i have just bought a new system with 98se installed on my new h/d, and i have my old h/d as a slave i am having bother installing, mp3 player , card reader with the usbs provided. i wondered now if i should go to XP on my new h/d while there is little on it, back up my slave h/d files and take it out,What to do i cant decide
what edition of Xp would i need if i went down this road. Sorry about the many questions asked i just wondered if any one could guide me through a bit
regards Pat

  zinnie 16:53 08 Dec 2004

hi nobbyhigo...I used w98SE for a number of years then went to XP Home Edition. It's far more 'user friendly' and robust .Also its getting support and minor improvements from Microsoft. It certainly made my life easier.

  woodchip 16:55 08 Dec 2004

Why not leave C:\ drive with 98se and load XP on slave drive. XP will setup a dual boot

  Jeffers22 16:58 08 Dec 2004

XP will support both the card reader and the MP3 - probably better than 98, but it comes at a price. XP is not cheap. I run XP pro, and it is better than XP home but unless you are networking I'm not sure it's worth the extra.

  nobbyhigo 17:08 08 Dec 2004

whats this dual boot i dont understand that bit
my slave h/d is only 7.5 my new one is 40
regards Pat

  woodchip 17:09 08 Dec 2004

So that when you boot you can choose to run 98 or XP

  anchor 17:11 08 Dec 2004

I would recommend XP, having been a devout Win ME user.

After much persuasion I changed to XP Pro about a year ago. Without doubt it is far more stable. However, probably XP home would be fine for you.

  woodchip 17:12 08 Dec 2004

PS I am not stuck with that, as I have a Win98se Comp that I use the Most as I like Win98se. Have a desktop XP, and a Laptop XP

  961 17:19 08 Dec 2004

I suggest xp home. You should be able to buy an upgrade edition rather than a full retail.

I don't think you need a dual boot system but would suggest you consider retaining FAT32 file system

  nobbyhigo 17:20 08 Dec 2004

so i use xp home if i want to, So do i format the new h/d after 2 days use or run over the 98se or will i be able to put it on the 7.5 h/d
regards Pat

  961 10:11 09 Dec 2004

If you buy an upgrade edition of xp home you'll basically be able to insert the disk in the cd drive and follow the instructions

It will prompt you to use the wizard to check existing hardware before telling you what may not work with xp unless you get new drivers. With a new computer most drivers needed will be on the windows disk.

Then it will install xp over the top of 98se automatically. It will ask if you want to retain FAT32 files and also if you want to retain the old 98se system files so that, if you wish, you can un-install xp and go back to 98se

You can find detailed instructions at click here

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