xp and w7 freezing.

  radi8or 10:16 04 Apr 2012

Hi all,

Xp and w7 intermitantly freeze up, running two sata hd system.

Error logs mostly just say "disk" occaisionally "atapi".

Am i right in thinking I may have a problem with my DVD writer or floppy drive or both.

Have cleaned out computer, reseated CPU cooler, tested HDs and memory.

Cheers Bob

  KRONOS the First 11:33 04 Apr 2012

A little more details on what the error log says would be helpful.

  radi8or 11:49 04 Apr 2012

Sorry Chronus will have to get back to you in a bit, computer keeps freezing as soon as it past boot up, on another machine at the mo'.

Cheers Bob

  KRONOS the First 11:57 04 Apr 2012

I am inclined to think that you might have a problem as you suggest with your CD/DVD drive. Unplug it and see how it goes.You could also unplug the floppy and if you do not use it delete it from the bios.

  radi8or 12:14 04 Apr 2012

The error report on the disk says.....

The driver detected a controller error on \Device \Ide \Harddisk0 \D

The error report on the atapi says....

A parity error was detected on \Device \Ide \IdePort3

Mmmmm, just noticed the D which is the disk w7 is on, seems a problem there as well.

  radi8or 12:19 04 Apr 2012

Is it ok to pull the plug on the w7 (D) disk as well and start up or will I mess up the boot record

Cheers Bob

  KRONOS the First 12:45 04 Apr 2012

The driver detected a controller error on \Device \Ide \Harddisk0 \D

Harddisk0 Usually refers to C: drive with the OS on it, but as you you have dual OS's then it is obviously referring to your D drive, which has Windows 7 on it.

A parity error was detected on \Device \Ide \IdePort3

This is also pointing to a problem on your D drive. Or it could be nothing more than a faulty Sata cable.

I would disable each HDD in turn and see on which drive you get the problem occurring for starters..

Maybe run these to see if they show any problems with the HDD's.



  radi8or 12:50 04 Apr 2012

Cheers Chronus,

Will give it a whizz, will report back.

  radi8or 16:17 04 Apr 2012

Started Xp on it's own, ran it for 30 mins. no prpoblem.

Couldn't run W7 alone as Xp has the boot record, so downloaded Acronis drive monitor, ran it and everything has been running fine for the last couple of hours, no freezing no errors.

Don't know what cured it but it has, touch wood and whistle.

Thanks for the help Chronus.

Cheers Bob

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