XP / Vista dual boot up option

  sunny staines 08:02 09 Jun 2006

I would like to have a duel set up with vista beta & XP anyone know a web link showing how to set up please. or any instructions would be grateful.

I need to have the xp option as well as HP are not releasing vista drivers for my printer/scanner till the vista OS is released as a full version.

  mgmcc 09:05 09 Jun 2006

To set up a dual boot with your existing XP, you need to have a separate partition, or "unallocated" space, on your hard drive into which Vista can be installed. During the installation, it will recognise that you already have an operating system and the Boot.ini file in the root of "C" drive will be changed to provide the necessary Boot Menu from which to select the OS when you boot the PC.

You could, if necessary, install a second hard drive in the PC and install Vista on that.

  gudgulf 09:53 09 Jun 2006

Have a good look at the readme file that comes with the Beta....it will tell you how to set up a dual boot system with XP......and more importantly,how to remove it.

The last Beta did not use the Boot.ini file to run the boot menu,so removal instructions are different from a normal dual boot setup.

click here

  sunny staines 11:20 09 Jun 2006

thanks for the reply, your link was useful. havnt seen the readme file as I am still looking for the download link all i find is the order dvd option.

thnks for your reply i have a spare 12g hard drive, if i install vista on that as a 2nd drive will that still give me a joint boot up option when i turn the pc on?

  Genius1 12:57 09 Jun 2006

Download option under the DVD ordering option click here.

  sunny staines 16:15 09 Jun 2006


thanks, i did not scroll far enough before. i though i was missing something obvious.

  picklsey 05:24 10 Jun 2006

for ref.

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