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  Dekka123 07:24 27 Jan 2008

I purchased a new laptop with Vista Home Premium pre installed.I had Vista taken out and XP Home installed. If at some later date I wanted to swap then back again could I do it with my Vista Recovery disk. Thanks in advance for any advice.

  User-1233372 08:33 27 Jan 2008

Hi :).
This will all depend on wether or not you Fully Formated the Hard Drive before you Installed Windows XP Home Edition.
See, Windows Vista Uses A Partitioned Section of your Hard Drive to Store Critical Operating System Information. Although this is not a Mass Amount of Information, it's Information that Recovery Discs Need To Boot into an Operating System. So in short, if you have Totally Wiped the drive clean when you Installed XP Pro, then you'll ptobably find your Recovery Disc Useless. See OEM Software like Recovery Discs dont usally come with Serial Numbers like Original Windows Operating System Discs come with. So the information of the Registered Owner of a PC which comes with Pre-Installed Software, is Stored on the Hard Drive and Hidden in the Registry. In order to get Vista Back on your Laptop.
If you manage to get your hands on an a Copy of Windows Vista, then the link below leads to Microsofts Website and Provides a Guide on How To Upgrade to Vista from Windows XP.

click here

Hope this Helps


  Dekka123 11:11 27 Jan 2008

Thanks very much for your reply Mixtrixx. I did wipe the disk clean so I guess thats that. Iwasnt thinking of doing it yet it was just a thought for the future. Thanks again

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