gazza38 12:56 13 Jun 2006

How would I go about creating a dual boot system
using XP and Vista ?
I would like to,if possible,put Vista on the second of three intenal HDD.
Do I need to change anything in the bios ?
The system will boot from DVD/CD drive already.
I have downloaded Vista and used Nero to burn to DVD.
If I simply install Vista to drive D,will I have a choice of C (XP) and D (Vista).
System-P4 550 (3.4), 2GB DDR400, 2x300GB + 1x250GB HDD, 7800GTX GPU, 500w PSU, 2x pioneer DVD 108 + 111.

Many Thanks Gazza

  Diodorus Siculus 13:15 13 Jun 2006

When installing, choose custom install and you will be given the option of where to put it.

When you start the machine you will then have a choice of which OS to boot to.

  gazza38 07:23 14 Jun 2006

Thanks, I did a custom install to drive D and now have a choice of which to run.
Only had a couple of problems.No sound,the diver won't install properly (automatically chosen by Vista)code 10.Also my printer has a driver problem, HP 5550,and can't be used.
Checked for solutions using the Vista system and none are found.
Well I guess in beta form,at least,Vista has some way to go.
Again many thanks

  gazza38 09:36 14 Jun 2006

I will tick,although I still have driver issues.
I have been looking for alternative drivers, but can't find any.


  Diodorus Siculus 10:20 14 Jun 2006

Good luck with it - it's worth playing around with if you're that way inclined.

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