XP verses Vista

  tobyjug2007 12:42 02 Oct 2008

I've been an avid XP user for a few years now, but have heard some terrible stories about Vista, am i better to stick with what i know or try Vista? Home Use only!
Any suggestions?
I do like the design (desktop features with Vista)

  Pine Man 15:15 02 Oct 2008

I would say that Vista is the best o/s that I have ever used!

Wait and see what the rest say, then try and make up your mind;-)

  sunny staines 16:15 02 Oct 2008

i was a keen xp user, now converted but it took a year, go for vista.

  tobyjug2007 16:31 02 Oct 2008

Thanks for your reply, whilst i acknowledge that Vista is more security conscious, and when XP was first released, everyone was saying stick with Millenium as Xp is filled with bugs,I cant help thinking that it may take a while until Vista is running applications to every body's liking and is considered by everone to be the best o/s so far. I did read an article that it was NOT the case that XP was past its sell by date, just that Microsoft needed to dwindle XP off the market so more people would plump for Vista, as it was not as popular as Microsoft had hoped prior/and soon after its release, so they did release the SP3 for XP to enforce a little more security, until it is eventually phased out altogether...personally i think it may have been a ploy by Microsoft to encourage new users to purchase Vista Machines, which are Memory hungry...so rather than update an older PC, splash out your hard earned cash on a new PC...ok if you have the spare cash...thank you Mr. Brown ( sorry i'm not getting into politics)....I'm just curious as to which way to turn, at this moment in time :-)

  iscanut 17:09 02 Oct 2008

I have XP on my desktop and Vista on my laptop. Both are fine and I have to admit I quite like Vista ! No reason not to go with Vista unless you have a lot of old hardware/software that may not work with Vista. Don't believe the "terrible" stories.

  chub_tor 19:20 02 Oct 2008

I too was dubious about Vista, so much so that when I built my latest desktop I made it dual boot XP and Vista. Before Vista SP1 came along I probably used them equally but since SP1 I have found Vista faster, easier to use and it has never crashed. Now the only time I use XP is to keep it up to date as a "just in case Backup." Quite frankly I am beginning to think that it is a waste of my hard drive space and I am thinking of taking XP off.

  Pine Man 09:06 03 Oct 2008

Looks like I might have to eat my words - no dissenters yet!

  User-1229748 10:42 03 Oct 2008

i also find vista extremely stable and easy to work with,although i never used xp so can't comment on that :o)

  provider 2 11:25 03 Oct 2008

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  tobyjug2007 12:33 03 Oct 2008

No i was referring to the opposite i am at the moment using XP and wondered about any possible pitfalls anyone has encountered with Vista!

I have noticed that on certain PC's with Vista being Memory Hungry ( Some Acer Machines) that it states 1 GB of Ram, what it doesn't tell you is that the 1 GB is shared with your graphics card, so i would advise buyers beware, the more RAM the better if you have Vista o/s...i'll stand corrected if this was a one off browse of the cheaper end Acer PC's!


  Pine Man 12:46 03 Oct 2008

I agree with your views on RAM.

2GB of RAM appears to be the optimum for Vista and ideally should NOT include RAM for graphics cards etc.

One thing that has surprised me about Vista is that my Windows Experience Index score in Vista actually showed an increase after installing Service pack 1!

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