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XP v Vista

  manrow 09:53 24 Jul 2009

I have finally had to bite the bullet, and buy a new laptop using Vista.

My old one using XP is up and running from starting within 2 minutes. The Vista version takes over 4 minutes to wind up, is this to be expected? It is very annoying especially when loading antivirus programmes, update operating system, and new software, all of which may require a restart.

  chub_tor 09:59 24 Jul 2009

No it is not to be expected and is caused by all the applications that the manufacturer has kindly installed for you on your new laptop. Go to Run or Search, msconfig, look in the Start Up Tab and untick all those applications that you don't need to start up when you switch on. You may want to consider uninstalling completely some of the applications that you don't need and will never use, but I woud give yourself a week or so to decide which to keep and which to ditch.

  I am Spartacus 11:38 24 Jul 2009

To add to the above. You could try defragging the boot files. Start Orb, Run, type defrag -b then OK. It only knocked about 10 seconds off my boot time but every little helps. I'm not using Vista at the moment so getting to the Run box might be slightly different than I've described.

Also the 'Superfetch' Service is set to run on boot which preloads regularly used programs into cache for speedier starting. Over a period of time, once it's learnt your habits, it will thrash the hard disk less and the system will be more responsive more quickly after boot. You can turn off the Superfetch Service but I found that the benfits of almost instant startup of applications outweighed the eventually slight delay in responsiveness on boot.

  woodchip 22:43 24 Jul 2009

To you first Post a Thread Name Vista is Slower at Starting and running. There as been many tests on this

  manrow 07:22 25 Jul 2009


2Gb RAM fitted.

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