XP v Vista

  manrow 09:53 24 Jul 2009

I have finally had to bite the bullet, and buy a new laptop using Vista.

My old one using XP is up and running from starting within 2 minutes. The Vista version takes over 4 minutes to wind up, is this to be expected? It is very annoying especially when loading antivirus programmes, update operating system, and new software, all of which may require a restart.

  chub_tor 09:59 24 Jul 2009

No it is not to be expected and is caused by all the applications that the manufacturer has kindly installed for you on your new laptop. Go to Run or Search, msconfig, look in the Start Up Tab and untick all those applications that you don't need to start up when you switch on. You may want to consider uninstalling completely some of the applications that you don't need and will never use, but I woud give yourself a week or so to decide which to keep and which to ditch.

  birdface 10:36 24 Jul 2009

Did you not get the offer of a free upgrade to Windows 7 when you bought it.

  birdface 10:44 24 Jul 2009

I would agree with chub_tor to many programs at start up.Why you should have to start by removing programs that are not needed from a new computer beats me.
We all expect to add our own choice of programs on to a new computer but when you have to start by removing some of the unwanted programs first It is not a good start.
With my grandaughters computer apart from all the rest of the unwanted programs I think the worst offender was Windows Defender that could not be removed.

  User-1229748 10:55 24 Jul 2009

after you have got rid of unwanted programs and start up you could give ccleaner a go.it did speed up my start up time when i had vistaclick here

  I am Spartacus 11:38 24 Jul 2009

To add to the above. You could try defragging the boot files. Start Orb, Run, type defrag -b then OK. It only knocked about 10 seconds off my boot time but every little helps. I'm not using Vista at the moment so getting to the Run box might be slightly different than I've described.

Also the 'Superfetch' Service is set to run on boot which preloads regularly used programs into cache for speedier starting. Over a period of time, once it's learnt your habits, it will thrash the hard disk less and the system will be more responsive more quickly after boot. You can turn off the Superfetch Service but I found that the benfits of almost instant startup of applications outweighed the eventually slight delay in responsiveness on boot.

  mooly 12:04 24 Jul 2009

My notebook loads Vista + Sidebar and Fsecure security in around 1min 50secs on average... all ready to go and online. 2GB Ram and now running Aero as well...
I see msconfig as being mentioned for stopping startup programs but (please correct me if I am wrong on this) with Vista the correct way is to use "Software explorer" which is accessed from Windows Defender in control panel. (click tools when defender opens to find it)
Shutdown times too are quick, the "shutdown" sreen lasting around 10 to 15 seconds.
I wouldn't go tweaking anything else to be honest. How much RAM have you ?

  LEGGGGY 22:38 24 Jul 2009

hi i would also like to disable some of the start up programmes like picasa,adobe etc but going through defender it doesnt give me the option as the dissable button is not functional for most of the start up programmes !!!!!!!!!!

  woodchip 22:43 24 Jul 2009

To you first Post a Thread Name Vista is Slower at Starting and running. There as been many tests on this

  mooly 06:56 25 Jul 2009

Leggggy... "click show for all users" on software explorer to allow you to disable the programs.

  manrow 07:22 25 Jul 2009


2Gb RAM fitted.

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