XP v Vista

  Whiteadder310556 13:40 12 Jul 2008


As I am going to upgrade my computer I've been taking an interest in the current developments and one of the questions is, is Vista better then XP? As I may be going done the secondhand route this may be a consideration, because although XP is no longer supported by microsoft it still seems to have its fans. In otherwords is Vista no good?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:49 12 Jul 2008

XP is supported to 2014
Windows 7 out 2010

Is vista better than XP - very debatable - depends on what your spec is, what old equipment you have drivers may not be supported in Vista and what you use the machine for.

  Clapton is God 18:29 12 Jul 2008

Taking into consideration the various people I've spoken to and viewpoints I've read, there does seem to be 2 opposing camps with regards to Vista - either you love it or hate.

There doesn't seem to be any in between.

I've recently bought a new laptop with Vista after many happy years using XP on PCs and laptops.

Unfortunately, I'm not a Vista fan.

I personally find it very 'clunky' and difficult to find your way around when compared to XP.

I'm also surprised at some of the difficulties I've found loading software which is, apparently, built for Vista.

  amonra 18:57 12 Jul 2008

I'm with Clapton on this, I've just taken possession of a laptop with Vista pre-installed and I hate it ! I'm going to stick with it until September by which time it will have served it's purpose, then I'm putting XP on it. Cant wait !

  chub_tor 19:55 12 Jul 2008

I'm in the opposite camp. Got a laptop with Vista and loved it, then dual booted my desktop with XP and Vista and now rarely use the former. I find Vista easy to use, quicker to boot up and would never change back. Mind you SP1 did make a helluva difference to Vista.

  sunny staines 19:58 12 Jul 2008

i prefer vista too, upgraded a couple of months ago.

  ventanas 21:29 12 Jul 2008

Same here, I've never had an issue with Vista. Installations are never a problem, it's far faster than XP, and much easier to use once you get used to it.
Put quite simply Vista leaves XP in the dark ages in virtually every department.
All you need to ensure is that you have a suitable spec in your machine or you will have problems.

  Tony275 07:52 13 Jul 2008

I got a new laptop with Vista installed last November, I was the biggest fan of winxp there was after using comps with win98 win98se winME win2k, Then Windows XP was the ultimate and nobody was ever gonna change my mind.
I got the laptop with Vista installed and it looked OK, I thought I would try it for a while, Well I still have it and although it does have some annoying habits it is very stable very easy on the eye and once you have learnt how to master it then I no longer miss WinXP at all.

I think the fact that WinXP was so stable and we all had years of getting used to it as Microsoft took forever releasing Vista, Then we have just grown so used to it.

My opinion is I paid for it and now I'm happy with it, Give it a try for a month, If you don't like it then buy another copy of WinXP and install that.

  AL47 13:44 13 Jul 2008

ive had vista for a while on my laptop, and it just takes too much out of the system when i play games, it has so many background services running,

i find it hard to navigate, and the indexer, i hate it, even though its turned off its still running, its gotts go, hard drive is always spinning

  tullie 13:51 13 Jul 2008

I would seriously look at your system.I have got a bog standard laptop and would never revert to XP again,been there done that.

  AL47 14:45 13 Jul 2008

its a pretty good system, my old laptop, same model different spec [lower] as fast as this in xp

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