xp usb problems

  jammin 09:48 23 Mar 2005

somebody help
I've just bought a new pc - I thought it was the end of my problems. The pcs great, dell 5000, but I am new to XP and I thought connecting devices would be a piece of cake. I struggled desperately to get my printer to connect - usb connection and I have been struggling unsuccesfully to get my scanner to work - canonscan lide 30(1240u). I've reloaded software several times, downloaded new drivers - but no luck. The error message now states no connection make sure cable is plugged in. Everything else shows as OK in system and the scanner is shown in device manager and says all is OK, but it doesnt work.
Is XP always such hard work?

  conrail 10:03 23 Mar 2005

I asume you installed the drivers before plugging the printer/scanner in. I always install the latest drivers, not the supplied ones, restart then plug in the printer/scanner and no problems, hope that helps

  conrail 10:05 23 Mar 2005

sorry, should have mentioned, when plugging in the printer/scanner, a balloon will pop up on the taskbar near the clock saying new hardware installed, click on that and the install wizard will open, just point it to where you have the drivers installed

  LAP 10:11 23 Mar 2005

In Device manager have you looked at/in your USB controllers and see if there are any ? or ! or anything else beside any of them. Worth a look.

  ventanas 10:15 23 Mar 2005

Not with Canon scanners, at least the two I have. If you install the software first you have had it. With both mine you must connect the scanner first and turn on at the mains with the computer switched off. Start up the computer and the Found new hardware wizard should appear. Insert the CD and choose to install automatically. If the wizard does not appear try again, it can be hit and miss. I once gave up with one of them, and when I started the machine next day the wizard appeared. If you have installed the software first go to the canon site and download the deldrv utility and run it, after removing any entries in device manager.

But read the instructions carefully in case Canon have changed the routine. Mine are a N650u and a D1250U2F

  ventanas 10:18 23 Mar 2005

Sorry should have added, the scanner should appear in device manager under Imaging devices. Unplug it before removing if you need to.

  961 10:23 23 Mar 2005

Firstly, go into the system file in control panel and click on device manager to see if the USB sockets are there and have no yellow triangles against them. If they have post back here, otherwise

I take it from the post that the printer is now working

So far as the scanner is concerned I take it that it is know to be working and you have tried a different usb cable and a different usb port. Is the cable loose in the socket at either end?

If all this works ok can I suggest deleting the scanner from the device manager and deleting the software. Disconnect the scanner

Then reboot, open your photo editing software and select"acquire from scanner", then plug in the scanner and see if you can get a connection.

Another way is to try the same again but this time try to install from the "scanner" in the control panel

  jammin 10:28 23 Mar 2005

thanks for your prompt responses everyone ... I've actually tried everything mentioned but no luck whatsoever, I'm going to uninstall everything and try all over again, the scanner doesn't have its own power supply by the way it works off the pc. I'll let you know what happens


  Yoda Knight 10:39 23 Mar 2005

try plugging it into a usb port that is known to work. Unplug the printer and anything else connected before trying this and see if it helps at all

  LAP 11:07 23 Mar 2005

Before you remove everything did you......
'In Device manager have you looked at/in your USB controllers and see if there are any ? or ! or anything else beside any of them.'

  jammin 13:32 23 Mar 2005

usb controllers look fine, no messages no x or anything

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