xp + usb 2

  conrail 19:23 06 Nov 2003

os xp, I am considering purchasing a usb2 internal card and although it comes with the software installation disc I have been told that xp already has these drivers installed, can anybody confirm this and if so why weren't usb 2 ports insalled from the start particularly as xp was preinstalled and my system is under 1 year old.

  bremner 19:30 06 Nov 2003

Only Windows XP SP1 has the USB 2 drivers.

Even if you have SP1 you may need the drivers as other postings have highlighted some difficulties in getting the card recognised.

You will have to ask the supplier of your PC why USB2 was not standard on your machine at time of purchase.

  conrail 19:35 06 Nov 2003

thanks for the advise bremner

  DieSse 21:41 06 Nov 2003

I put a 6 port USB2 card into an older (3 yrs) system this week - with newly installed WinXP with SP1a. The card used an Ali chip.

It plugged in, was recognised, and worked fine right away, with no software having to be loaded.

A year ago USB2 was very new, and it's entirely possible, even likely, that the motherboard only had USB1 on it. Quite a number of cheaper motherboards still do - though they're becoming rarer thankfully.

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