XP Upgrade from ME

  Edith 20:27 07 Nov 2003

Recently tried to upgrade from ME to XP Pro but recieved a message that "unable to do so because it could not locate a winlog.exe file."

Can anyone throw some light on what this file is or if there is a solution?

  flecc 20:55 07 Nov 2003

Your XP upgrade disc is also the full installation CD so you can opt for a fresh installation of XP rather than an upgrade, but this is only an option if you have the genuine Microsoft ME installation CD since it would be asked for during the installation.

This would wipe the ME completely, but the XP would be likely to be a cleaner and better installation in consequence.

  flecc 20:59 07 Nov 2003

After loading the XP disc and the operation commencing, the procedure is to choose Full Install (Advanced) instead of Upgrade. As the installation progresses, you'll get to an options Window allowing you to set English (United Kingdom) as the language instead of the default English (US).

On that same window you will see an Advanced Button, which when used gives an option at the foot: "I want to choose the Install Drive Letter and Partition". Check that option and carry on with the installation, during which you'll be offered the option to select the drive to install to which will be C of course. If you have an Upgrade Edition of XP, you will be asked to insert your existing Windows ME CD into the ROM drive to confirm your entitlement.

The options from then on are straightforward, and may include a second point of choice for UK English and a keyboard language option.

  flecc 21:00 07 Nov 2003

XP will then get it's file from the ME CD.

  flecc 21:07 07 Nov 2003

Since I'm unaware of the existence of that file, I've just been checking an ME system and it didn't have a file winlog.exe. Makes that message a bit puzzling, but a new installation of XP instead of an upgrade should overcome the problem. You'll lose all your installed programs, but they're best reinstalled individually to XP anyway for the maximum reliability.

  The Paul 21:13 07 Nov 2003

I tried to upgrade from ME to XP and it was awful. Eventually I did a fresh install as flecc rightly sugggests. Believe me its the right way to go.

  leo49 21:14 07 Nov 2003

If you type "winlog.exe" into Google it throws up references to Trojans/Keylogging programs masquerading as Windows files.Can't suggest anything more concrete at the moment but to run an AV/Trojan scan and see if anything shows up.

At least this'll bump you up the page.

  Edith 22:32 07 Nov 2003

Hi to you all

I will have a go at a fresh install tomorrow.

Thank you for your time and advice.


  Edith 22:39 07 Nov 2003


I purchased my PC from Dell and have all the original disc. Do you think they will have installed a full version of ME. Do you think I should check with them before I try a full installation of XP?


  critic-al 23:01 07 Nov 2003

if your going to do clean install of xp it wont matter as your hard drive will be formated and your file system will be changed to NTFS

  Edith 23:42 07 Nov 2003


Thank you for your reply.

My concern was that other comments have suggested you need to install the original ME disc and I wondered if the disc supplied by Dell were considered to be original but from what you say it doesn't seem to matter.


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