Microsoft poo 14:26 08 Nov 2004

hi,iam trying to upgrade from windows me to windows xp pro but some drives on my computer do not work on xp one of these drivers is my graphics card, i can download a xp driver for my graphics card but wen do i install this xp driver because if i install it when ive installed xp pro i cant see anything and i cant install it under windows me because it doesnt work please help ...Andy

  PSF 16:27 08 Nov 2004

Have you installed XP

What graphics card do you have.

If XP is installed it will use a generic (basic) driver for the card. You should then be able to install the correct driver.

Have you installed the motherboard drivers as well, they are need for the AGP to function correctly.

  Gongoozler 16:27 08 Nov 2004

It's very unlikely that XP will leave you with no graphics. If it can't find the correct drivers it will probably give you a default driver. This will result in something like 600 x 480 pixels, which is enough to work with until you get the correct drivers installed. I'll be surprised if XP can't find a better driver though. I recently installed XP on a computer with an old pci ATI Rage graphics card, and it quite happily installed the correct driver. While you're installing XP, why not treat yourself to a new AGP card. This Gforce2 400MX is a very nice card for a budget system at about £20 click here.

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