Xp upgrade - full hard disc

  Seadog 16:38 21 Nov 2004

A friend was running Win 98 and one of his "friends" put a copy of Xp on for him don't know if its genuine - but he says it is!
Anyway, his hard drive (40Gb) is showing nearly full in explorer/properties now but none of his original programs ( Word, Excel and encyclopedias) are available or will run any more. I suspect this is because said friend has installed Xp in NTFS format and the original Win 98 was (and still is) on FAT 32, this would show the total space used on the drive as the combined total of both maybe? Apart from formatting the whole drive and starting from scratch again, is there any way I can delete the Fat 32 files and reclaim his disc space?
Or any other ideas please........................

  Diemmess 16:47 21 Nov 2004

Does XP work properly i.e can he find any data files at all?

  Diodorus Siculus 16:48 21 Nov 2004

You can't "delete fat32 files" whatever that might mean...

Try reinstalling the programs that don't work.

If no good, then reinstall a legal OS (whichever you have) and start from scratch.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:55 21 Nov 2004

Sorry - I've reread. Is it dual booting?

  Seadog 18:28 21 Nov 2004

Sorry for late reply, had to go out.
Windows Xp and computer works ok. Looking at the files/folders with explorer shows all previously installed programs.
It's not dual booting, what I think has happened is that all the win 98 files and applications are still there but of course they are Fat32 and the Xp has been loaded onto the drive as NTFS so it can't/won't run the fat32 applications. (I have checked and it is a genuine Xp disc - my friend said he had to activate it) Something maybe happened during the installation and now Xp is reporting the drive as full, I reckon the only way is to remove the Xp installation and try again or format the drive then reinstall Xp although that may not be possible if the Xp was an upgrade disc.

  VoG II 18:32 21 Nov 2004

Unless the two versions of Windows have been installed on 2 different partitions, they must both be using the same file system - presumably FAT32 if Windows 98 still runs.

  Dorsai 18:38 21 Nov 2004

As Vog said, the drive it either FAT32, or NTFS.

It's an either/or situation. It can not be Both, it's impossible.

The first thing i would do is backup any files that are on the PC, that the owner does not want to lose.

That way, if the only answer is re-format/re-install, nothing but time is lost.

  961 19:10 21 Nov 2004

First, the hard disk is too small for all existing plus xp, which is very disk hungry

Although many folk swear by NTFS you can have problems if all your files are FAT32. For home use FAT32 still works well and many still use it

There is no reason why xp cannot be installed using FAT32 only, it is usually a preference selected during installation

If the installation is indeed new and no files will be lost, then you can indeed roll back to the previous o/s (as long as those files have not been deleted)

Then you can re-install xp electing to use the FAT32 system. However I suggest that before doing that you may wish to consider getting a larger hard disk (80GB?) which won't cost much, install it as a second hard drive, and then transfer all the existing files across using the software that Seagate and other hard drive manufacturers provide. Then you can either remove the original drive or leave it as a back up drive.

  Seadog 19:32 21 Nov 2004

Win 98 does not run, the only (apparent) o/s is Xp.
After talking to my friend he says that Xp reports the drive (40Gb) as only having 3Gb of space left since the Xp installation. Before the Xp installation the used space was only about 11Gb. Where has all the space gone?
As an example with the previously installed programs, if he double clicks on word.exe in explorer an error message appears with "cannot open word.exe wrong file system" or similar. If he goes to the "add/remove programs" list there are none of the old applications present in the list, we can delete folders and files (via windows explorer) that were previously installed this may make space but it still doesn't account for the loss of all that disc space!
Sorry if this is long winded but I am getting all this info second-hand over the telephone.

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