XP upgrade ?

  tamc98 22:41 03 Mar 2003

I'm looking at upgrading my pc with a new hd and mobo. It is currently running Win Me and I'm also thinking of taking the leap to Win XP.
Win Me was preinstalled and is tattood to the the hd. If I buy the XP ugrade pack and at a later date wish to reformat my hd or do a fresh install will I need to put Me back on first.
Would I be better off buying the full version of XP and starting from fresh.
Finally what are the main differances between XP Home and Pro'. Apart from £100..
TIA, Tony

  Gaz 25 22:50 03 Mar 2003

Full version would be better really,

XP Pro has:

Advanced Networking such as password protection and encryiption for files and folders with group access policies.

Better handeling of Network conections.

More sevices for running web-servers,etc.

Remote Desktop

Dial-up networking

Added restriction and security settings for networks.

Many more features really aimed at network users, however, Home edition is far more secure. It has les danagerous services running and its good enough for most users and does have network capabilities but not to the degree that XP pro has, EG: You cannot decide who views a file nor password protect it but you can in XP Pro.

  tamc98 23:00 03 Mar 2003

Cheers Gaz,
Just had a look through the archives and found most off what I wanted.
I don't really need all the extra networking stuff so will stick with home edition.
What's the differance between the upgrade, full and oem versions.
TIA, Tony

  Gaz 25 23:50 03 Mar 2003

Just that the upgarde you have to have the DISK for ME.

Just a full version formats your HDD, etc much better.

  Djohn 00:22 04 Mar 2003

tamc98, I have just changed to XP, from 98se. I bought the upgrade version of win.xp pro. I formatted my drive, then installed XP as a fresh installation.

During the install it will ask you to insert your qualifying disk, once you have done this, XP will then continue to install, thats all there is to it. So if you already have one of the O/S's that qualifies, just buy the upgrade, and save some money. J.

  Lead 04:53 04 Mar 2003

I have recently performed the upgrade and it went without a hitch. I reformatted my HDD and performed a totally clean installation. As mentioned above, all that happened was the XP installation asked for evidence of a previous upgradeable OS, in my case W98. So I popped in the W98 disc, it did it's thing, then asked for the XP CD back and went on it's merry way.

This begs the question...I bought my PC many moons ago and got the 'proper' OS installation disc, but nowadays you don't get these. You get those pesky 'recovery' discs. Does that mean you can never perform a 'clean' upgrade like above?

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