menorcarob2 11:59 04 Oct 2003

Hi can anyone tell me what i have to do to save the updates for xp, as i have found out how not to not to have to reactivate xp, and i would like to have all the updates which i have ready to install when i clean my whole machine, as it is getting a bit cluttered up, also i want to run several xp pro's on one machine in different partitions.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:07 04 Oct 2003

click here

the updates are here click here

and I found this from Ars...........I found out where the updates go. For me, it's in the root of my D drive. I find this folder because I have allowed viewing of all file and folder types. The folder is called "WUTemp" (without "") When you begin to do the updates, and that window pops up with the progress bar, after the bar starts to move, do a search on your system for that folder name. As I watch the names of the files download, I watch the contents of that folder. When one update finishes downloading, I copy that update folder and all contents to a different folder elseware. When the last one gets downloaded, it begins to install the first one, and so on. It will delete everything it downloaded when all is done, except the files/folders that YOU copied. Or, (This could be the easiest way) you could also go to the actual Windows Update page, click on the link "Personalize Windows Update" on the left. Place a check in the option "Display the link to the Windows Update Catalog under See Also". Click "Save Settings" and go to the Update Catalog choice in the menu. Here you can choose all the downloads that you would have normaly choosen, but you now have an option to download them to a folder on your system and install them later. I have all 98/98SE/ME/2000/ and now XP Updates to date on CDs. I reinstall all my PCs atleast once a month, so their had to be an option to downloading everything all the time.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:11 04 Oct 2003

If anyone wants to keep a catalogue of updates rather than downloading 70Mb of stuff then do as the first click here and save to CDRW rather than straight to the HD.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:13 04 Oct 2003

I am also sure that some magazine will soon provide all the updates on CD ;-))


  menorcarob2 12:23 04 Oct 2003

if i purchase another copy of win xp for a computer that i am building for my daughter will the new copy be up to date, or will it need updateing from the start.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:37 04 Oct 2003

depends on the version of the software that is supplied. OTW I would suspect that most updates will not be on the version. Most of the 'updates' are not really needed...I would just d/l the security ones which tend to be small, the rest of the updates are triple dull. If you have an up to date AV, such as the freebie AVG, then you will be ok (click here)

Most of the MS updates are really for networks and lazy ;-)) IT admins. I have never updated W98SE since 1999, do not use a firewall, I have not turned green/weird and nothing dreadful has ever happened.

  mrdsgs 15:26 04 Oct 2003

i have several copies of Windows XP Professional 2002 edition.

This has many of the updates and sevice pack 1 already built in. It saves lots of time.

Let me know if you need more specific details.


  powerless 16:26 04 Oct 2003
  menorcarob2 10:16 05 Oct 2003

seen that link and understand but it would seem that i have to start from scratch and then save them.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:20 05 Oct 2003

Yes, you will ahve to start again but MOST of the 'updates' are NOT needed.


  menorcarob2 10:53 05 Oct 2003

i know but which ones do you choose

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