XP updates, quite a lot over the past week!!!

  Mysticnas 17:57 19 Oct 2003

is it just me or have there been loads of XP updates over this past week? i've had i think maybe around 20ish updates this past week!

whats going on?

  powerless 18:01 19 Oct 2003

4/5 updates.

You not been updating?

  powerless 18:01 19 Oct 2003
  Mysticnas 18:06 19 Oct 2003

from the MS site.

  Mysticnas 18:07 19 Oct 2003

be some bogus update being sent to my pc via a hacker?

  Mysticnas 00:37 25 Oct 2003

...getting really silly now... i have an update waiting for me every week!!!

Whats going on? I go the MS site and check for updates and nothing, and yet every day i turn on my pc and see a little update logo in the system tray. Details say it's a some kind of patch that sorts out PPT or something internet/network thing, and there's a new one everyday!!!

  MICRON1 22:30 19 Feb 2004

When i'm told that updates are available should i download them all that appears in that window on my pc or am i looking for a code number or something (other than the letters xp)& only get that particular one?

  Mysticnas 22:32 19 Feb 2004

download all of the available ones, critical updates that is. From the other updates i pick and choose what's relavent.

  Stuartli 09:26 20 Feb 2004

I think this is the link you really meant:

click here

  powerless 09:29 20 Feb 2004


My link was revelant to the question and it was also in the month of October.

But to surface this for a possible correction of a link? Sheeeeesh ;-))

  thisisnighthawk 10:25 20 Feb 2004

since getting my XP pc 18 months ago i have downloaded one update, and it tells me i there is another 41..if it should go pearshaped i can always use go-back to put it right..it is connected to the net all day everyday, so far no trouble..

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