XP updates

  drew645 10:22 14 Aug 2008

I re-installed XP home edition as soon as XP SP3 came out, as it seemed like the ideal time. I had no problems installing XP3, somewhat to my surprise.
Since then I have noticed there have been no XP security updates, except updated definitions to Defender. Is this correct, or do I have a problem of some sort?
While I can access the list of updates applied I have been unable to find a list online of all XP updates to compare.
Any comments would be appreciated.

  Batch 10:33 14 Aug 2008

There have been many updates.

Do you have automatic updates turned on or, alternatively, have you gone to the Windows Update site and actively checked?

  birdface 10:42 14 Aug 2008

Try turning Windows Defender off and try and update manually.If that does not work you could try dial-a-Fix.

  birdface 10:45 14 Aug 2008

click here There were 10 updates on Tuesday so you must have something not working properly.

  Stuartli 11:15 14 Aug 2008

Initially SP3 already contained XP updates and WindowsUpdate advised that a newer Service Pack was installed.

However, the updates did begin to be required and I had 10 yesterday.

Don't forget that updates depend on the programs and applications on your system as to how many or few you receive.

  provider 2 11:35 14 Aug 2008

There is something odd going on here. I too wondered why there was no sign of updates yesterday even though my system is set to update automatically.

This morning, at start up, the yellow shield appeared for a while then turned off, and checking in Event Viewer> System> Information> Action> Properties, I have eleven updates downloaded and waiting to be installed on the 15th of August but frankly, I have no recollection of setting that date.

These updates include Xp security updates, malicious software removal tool, cumulative security updates for IE 7, and updates for Office, and Outlook Express which I don`t have and don`t use.

Clicking the link for Ms Help & Supprt Centre (in Action> Properties) brings up a window says the page has the wrong address and cannot be opened.

Any ideas as to what`s going on?

  provider 2 11:39 14 Aug 2008

Forgot to mention I`m still on SP 2.

  gardener 11:43 14 Aug 2008

Just a thought, do you live in the Leeds area and is your ISP Virgin (NTL) because I and many other people have been having difficulty accessing Microsoft web sites recently.

  provider 2 11:50 14 Aug 2008

Neither. AOL browser, alternating with IE 7 and ethernet depending on which sites I want to see.

  provider 2 11:56 14 Aug 2008

I should explain the link to Ms Help & Support works fine, it`s just the page number, I think, that it is objecting to.

  provider 2 12:30 14 Aug 2008

I would like to add that a closer look at these updates listed in Event Viewer> System has revealed that some of these updates are the same thing twice or three times (separated by an interval of a minute or so), and the Malicious Software Removal tool is listed four times in all.

I don`t understand this and I dread to think what effect installing all of these in one go might have.

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