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  Newuser2110 17:06 15 Jul 2004

Hello all . I am new to XP as 98 has served me well. I have a new laptop with XP and am aware that I should be updating on a regular basis but as i am still on dialup (BB not available where i live yet.)Can anyone advise how I should best handle the downloads, as my ISP will cut me off after about 2 hours. I dont as yet have a download manager. (Should i use one? any reccomendations) so is it a question of downloading in sections starting with the critical updates.How do i decide which they are?It is probably worth saying that after a little look in XP it seems the pc was put together around Sept 03 so presumably that will make a rather large update. If I dont use a download manager what will happen when i get cut off?. Can i just connect and resume or will i have to start again.Do i need to turn off a/v & firewall or can i leave these running? Any advise anyone can give will be most welcome.
Thanks in advance

  blodgett 17:23 15 Jul 2004

For those of us with clockwork modems Microsoft will send you free and gratis an update CD.
Check out the MS site but you have to have your "web passport"

  Stuartli 17:35 15 Jul 2004

If you use WindowsUpdate or the very similar BigFix, you can select which updates to download.

Try starting off with the Critical ones and then work your way through the list.

If you install FreshDownload (click here) which is free both of charges and ads or a similar utility, you can create a Desktop folder to download them to for installation afterwards.

FreshDownload also supports Resume if you suffer a disconnection, so could well save having to redownload some of the updates.

  Stuartli 17:44 15 Jul 2004

A FreshDownload folder can also double up as a Backup for the updates in case you need them again for any reason.

  GaT7 19:13 15 Jul 2004

Don't turn off AV & firewall unless you have problems, like here for example - click here.

Good advice by Stuartli. I use FreshDownload too & it's very good.

Good thinking by blodgett as well, but the latest CD update is only upto 15 October 2003 : ( click here (also see click here). HTH, G

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