xp update problem

  Newuser339 12:06 16 Oct 2005

Evertime I update xp pro (licenced copy) and try to reboot , my computer will sometimes reboot ok or more likely than not will start with the 'restart normally', 'restart from last know good configeration' screen. I've reinstalled xp 3 times and the problem persists. At the moment I'm running xp perfectly with no updates. Can anyone plz help? Tony

  alan227 12:08 16 Oct 2005

Are you installing SP2 as well?.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:56 16 Oct 2005

This can happen if there are viruses or spyware on your system.

Scan with antivirus and antispyware programs, eliminate any found then retry the update.

  Newuser339 13:15 16 Oct 2005

hi guys and thx for the replies - sp2 has already been installed from the installation cd it's when I update the fresh instasll that the problem occurs.
Also I'm running 'Zonealarm' and scan before each update shows no infection - it's a mystery!

  Faser 14:41 16 Oct 2005

If your mobo bios has fast boot option turned on try disabling it. Also have you checked the device manager, it's amazing the grief an incorrectly installed peripheral can cause, I had same problem caused by a faulty card reader.

  splork 15:12 16 Oct 2005

might be worth doing a thorough h/d check, at the command prompt type chkdsk /f and see if any errors/bad sectors crop up, or chkdsk /r if you can leave the pc to get on with it for an hour or more

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