XP unexpected shut downs

  obi wan 14:11 11 Mar 2004

XP Home

My, still under guarantee, machine has shut down on me several times today.

It is not freezing up or anything, just suddenly losing power and going off. It does not attempt to re-boot. Momentarily switching off the mains supply and then back on again allows me to re-boot.

I am in the middle of something and don't want to return it to the shop for a few days yet.

Does XP automatically log such things or do I need to do it manually so when I do return to the shop I have something to show / tell them?
(The must recent failure was when browsing PC Advisor and listening to a CD)

I am using a AMD Athlon XP 2600+, 1024MB PC2100 266mhz Mem, 256 MB DDR Radeon 9200 Graphics Card.
Any help gratefully accepted.

  obi wan 14:30 11 Mar 2004


  Big Elf 14:53 11 Mar 2004

It could be a loose connection on the power/disk drive cables. It could also be overheating causing the shutdown. Faulty PSU, failing hard drive.

Control Panel, Admin Toos, Event Viewer might possibly give a clue but if it's the above causing the problems then there won't be a log.

  obi wan 15:03 11 Mar 2004

Gulp! Hard drive failure!
Event Viewer doesn't really say much, to me anyway.
I've checked disk for errors, and everything was ok.
Thanks for your time.

  Big Elf 15:10 11 Mar 2004

It would be a good idea to backup your data as the shop may routinely do a format and reinstall.

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