XP Themes...

  tenplus1 13:01 19 Nov 2003

It's funny, Microsoft make Windows XP with a new themed look and give you a few themes to play with as well...

So how come I can't find any themes online that don't require WindowBlinds 4 or StyleXP to be able to use them...?

Can someone help me track down some "standalone" themes that'll work fine with WinXP on it's own...

there is unfortunately no SDK for the theme engine so it is not possible to develop XP themes that 'standalone'. there are free programs that do the same as windowblinds and style XP such as Geoshell that you could try if the few dollars for windowblinds is too high high a price to pay.

  tenplus1 15:17 19 Nov 2003

GeoShell is pretty good I'll admit, but it would be nice of Microsoft took the time to make a developer kit for the themes... I want to use the existing exporer shell, not replace it with a new one just so I can skin it for free...

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