XP Taskbar is 'shivering' all the time?

  sinewave 12:04 19 Apr 2012

Bought a refurb DELL D630 and whilst doing the usual updates I noticed the taskbar was shivering a bit like a TV picture does when showing signs of inteference?

It does it all the time even when the laptop is just idle although the rest of the screen is fine?

Any ideas??

  johndrew 13:53 19 Apr 2012

Is the Taskbar 'locked' when this happens? Right click on an empty area of the Taskbar and if it is 'unlocked' set it to 'locked'.

If this fails let us know.

  sinewave 17:02 19 Apr 2012

Hi John,

Thanks for replying!

Yes the taskbar is already locked. Have tried unlocking it and re-locking it but it makes no difference??

  amonra 20:10 19 Apr 2012

Does it do it when on battery only ? Sometimes a faulty power-unit can give that effect.

  birdface 22:23 19 Apr 2012
  sinewave 22:26 19 Apr 2012

Yes it does it when on battery and mains power.

It does seem to be related to disc activity I feel?

  johndrew 09:57 20 Apr 2012

I have never seen this problem, but a search has revealed similar problems associated with bad connections between the motherboard and screen and between hardware and the motherboard; this seems to link in with your comment that it "seems to be related to disc activity".

I would suggest two options:

  1. If you bought it recently and it is under warranty, take it back.
  2. If it's out of warranty, check all connections, especially those of the HDD.
  spuds 10:10 20 Apr 2012

A interesting point about "related to disc activity", but at the same time you mention that "it does it all the time".

Because on occasions I have a similar problem, which seems to indicate a conflict within the program I am using. Normally this comes about, while I am listening to a cd, and at the same time using the computer. As its only occasional, I haven't really bothered about finding a solution.

The other problem, could be something more sinister of a failing part, so it might pay to see if the 'shivering' expands.

Possibly nothing to do with your problem, but just a thought?.

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