XP System Restore in suspense

  Trikie 17:09 02 Aug 2004

Space on C drive was running low but defragging and CleanUp have resulted in 1.36GB free space (drive is 5.98) D and E have 2.94 and 6.60 GB free.
However System Restore shows Suspended against all 3 saying it needs a minimum of 200MB.

Now that I have more than enough free space how do I reactivate System Resore?

  rawprawn 17:12 02 Aug 2004

What OS, but go to system restore settings and make sure there is no tick in the box "Turn off system restore"

  rawprawn 17:16 02 Aug 2004

Also in system restore settings check that the space available is set to maximum (click the settings button in system restore settings)

  Trikie 21:10 02 Aug 2004

Thanks rawprawn. It's XP, the "turn off" box is not ticked, I've set the slider to max (12%) and it's still suspended!!

What next?

  safemode 21:38 02 Aug 2004

buy a bigger hard drive or remove the pointless partitions!
what windows says and what it means are two different things.

[email protected]

  Trikie 22:37 02 Aug 2004

Safemode - both beyond my technical abilities. Please clarify your comment on Windows - are you saying that System Resore is not suspended?

  safemode 22:45 02 Aug 2004

well, where have you three drive letters come from, either you have three hard drives or they have been partitions.

my point was that having 1.36GB free space is pushig it to say the least with XP.

but i think the problem lies with your above statement...

"Thanks rawprawn. It's XP, the "turn off" box is not ticked, I've set the slider to max (12%) and it's still suspended!!"

try setting this as low as possible and see if it works, the higher that slider the more space i'll use.

it's difficult to answer these questions fully when, onne is unsure of the exact circumstances, eg these three partitions or hard drives.


[email protected]

  Trikie 23:13 02 Aug 2004

Safemode. Its one hard drive with 3 partitions. I had it built with video editing as the main use and it was partioned C 5.98GB, D (for video)
38.3GB and E 13.1GB. Not very clever but I was a total novice and didn't realise the potential problems.

I moved the setting to Max as suggested by rawprawn earlier - have now gone to min but still no joy.

  User-312386 23:16 02 Aug 2004

back up all your data and re-format, delete all partitions and then install XP

p.s The XP disc will do it all for you

  Trikie 23:39 02 Aug 2004

Thanks, but I'm getting out of my depth. I can live with the present set up provided I can get System Restore out of suspense. Is there an easy way to do this?

  User-312386 23:42 02 Aug 2004

why not just turn it off?

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