xp system restore and other gremlins

  penhit 19:51 29 Dec 2012

help please! I'm running xp and until recently was using Office 2003. Out of the blue this crashed and I could not get it working: I got an error messsage when I tried to reinstall it, saying contact the vendor. Since then I have successfully used the Office 2003 CD to install on on a different machine - no error mesage! I am now trying to use system restore on my XP system in the hope that I will be able to reinstall Office. However, every time I try restore it fails to make any changes. I have tried running system restore from safe mode: this takes much longer but doesn't seem to work either. Can anyone cast any light on the problem? I have a copy of my c drive, amd with Acronis - should I bite the bullet and use this? Thanks in advance for any advice.

  lotvic 21:12 29 Dec 2012

Did you try a Repair of Office? it should be on the menu when you insert the CD.

I use Acronis, that's what it's for, to restore back to a working pc. But don't forget you will lose any data you have created since that image was made, so if you have any documents and email etc you don't want to lose, you will have to copy them off the hard drive before you use the acronis image.

  penhit 21:25 29 Dec 2012

Thanks for input. I got an error message "the patch package could not be opened" when I tried to use the CD to repair teh softwre - it's odd becuase it worked fine when I did a clean install on a different machine.

I've got data back up so am minded to go for teh Caronis reinstall - just a bit intimidated because I when I start it warns me that there may not be enough space on my hard drive to restart. Can you advise?

  namtas 19:49 30 Dec 2012

Have you tried first disabling your Anti Virus?

  finerty 08:33 07 Jan 2013

Hi Penhit,

If system restore isn't happening i could only ask you to back the files you were working on onto an external drive. And the reinstall windows xp using the disc and reinstall the programs after that.

Like Lotvic i also use acronis, where i clone an external drive with the computer drive.

With acronis if something goes wrong, I just insert the disk restart eh computer and boot from the cd disc and re-clone the computer drive.

On your original computer drive how much space do you have

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