XP System Restore not working

  Dobba 11:58 08 Dec 2003

Although my XP(Home) appears to be able to construct System Restore points, and tells me when one has been completed, whenever I try to go back to one of these set points, I am told that it has not been possible to do this.
I understand that there is a way of re-installing System Restore from the XP CDRom.
Can anyone help please?

  spikeychris 12:25 08 Dec 2003

Check event viewer for errors ie: control panel, admin tools event viewer and system. Look for the red crosses.

Type Net Start into a command prompt to make sure its running, and check to see the SR has enough space allocated for it to work, click the settings tab in system restore in system in control panel.

  sheila.weston 12:43 08 Dec 2003

You have used up all the space available ---- Go into System restore Settings/system properties, put a tick against 'turn off system restore on all drives'. Restart the computer and untick this box. Hey Presto!

  Dobba 12:44 08 Dec 2003

Hi Spikeychris
Net Start in command prompt shows that System Restore Service is working.
I have allocated the maximum space for System Restore to work.
Event viewer shows red crosses in "True Vector Service".
Does any of this give a clue?

  Dobba 13:12 08 Dec 2003

Hi Sheila.
I've only recently formatted my hard disk and started again so I can't see how I had run out of space. However, your tip worked. BIngo! and thanks

  spikeychris 13:30 08 Dec 2003

Sorted's all that matters but if the resource bar was set at max before you checked it then I doubt that you had run out of space. System restore is very complicated app and the slightest glitch can throw it off course. Turning it off then on again tends to fix it.

You will now see that you have lost any created points...


  Jester2K II 13:44 08 Dec 2003

sheila.weston - That will delete ALL Restore points - it might get round the problem but doesn'yt FIX it. Besides XP will clear out data when the SR becomes full.

Dobba - True Vector Service is part of Zone Alarm. Are you running it? Have you uninstalled it? Try switching it of first.

Have you installed the System Restore patch from MS - something to do with dates after mid September??

  Dobba 14:16 08 Dec 2003

Thanks all for your helpful advice.

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