xp system failure

  hzhzhzhz 23:50 12 Nov 2011

just had my pc crash,with blue screen. In a hurry to switch it off,the only thing I noticed was the blue screen which I think mentioned the word Hardware and showing quite a few zeros. Anyway,switched back on and had nowt on screen so I took H/D out and connected it to another machine via usb. It wasn;t recognized. Next,I put a new H/D in crashed pc,with xp disc at ready but dvd drive wouldn;t work. Tried several other drives but to no avail. I've tried it with gfx card out and connected to onboard,also taken memory out and reseated but no joy. Fans work,so I suppose its either cpu ,mobo or ram at fault. Sorry to ramble on but I just thought that someone on here might be able to pinpoint the problem. Oh,I get no beeps at all either.


  hzhzhzhz 11:59 13 Nov 2011

Nothing on screen. Mouse and keyboard dead. Fans working,hard drive spinning. New pc time perhaps. Thanks for the reply btw.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:23 13 Nov 2011

Start with the basics.

Unplug everything - just leave mobo cpu and fan, 1 stick of memory graphics card(if needed).

see if it boots to and error message regarding missing keyboard / operating system.

if so switch off add keyboard / mouse retry

then switch off and add HDD etc.

  lotvic 12:37 13 Nov 2011

As per Fruit Bat /\0/\ and sometimes this works:

Disconnect completely from electric supply (take plug out of wall socket) hold in the power button on pc for 30 seconds to discharge residual current and empty volatile memory. Then plug back in and start pc up. Don't have the HDD connected, this is to see if it will boot into BIOS.

  hzhzhzhz 12:51 13 Nov 2011

Fruit Bat. Your reply prompted me to try again. PC now works fine in its basic form lol!. I'll now start adding gfx card etc one by one and hopefully get back to normal. Thankyou.


  hzhzhzhz 12:52 13 Nov 2011

Oh,thanks lotvic and Buteman too.


  hzhzhzhz 13:37 13 Nov 2011

Well its all back together and is working fine. Heaven knows what went wrong. Thanks again.


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