xp switching users

  awest3 21:58 20 May 2005

hi, I have a new Dell 5500 with XP at sp2 level.

I have two user accounts ... if I have both active ...when I try to logoff one of them I get the saving your settings and the machine then freezes....nothing but a power off and restart cures it....any ideas..?


  [email protected]® 22:09 20 May 2005

See if this helps at all. click here

  awest3 20:21 21 May 2005

Hi [email protected]®, Thanks for this....it does not really match my problem....if only one user is on it closes down as normal..its only if I try to close one of two users....

  Jackcoms 21:16 21 May 2005

I also have a similar problem with 4 user accounts.

When I use the Start/Log Off option with one particular account the PC usually freezes and, like you, only a power off at the mains will cure it.

I suspect that it is a particular process which is running in that account, but not the others, which fails to shut down properly and causes the freeze.

HOWEVER, with something like 67 processes running when all 4 users are logged in, I haven't the time or energy to investigate which process is the culprit!

I find that a simple workaround when in the account which causes the freeze, is to use fast user switching to return to the Welcome screen and then log into one of the other accounts.

I then use Task Manager/Users to log off the account which causes the problem. Using that method to log off doesn't cause a freeze.

  awest3 22:32 21 May 2005

thanks..sounds a good workaround


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