XP - switching user disconnects one way!!

  NICTRY 21:27 18 Mar 2003

Help, I currently have 2 users set up on XP (both with admin rights) yet if I connect to the internet through user 1 and then switch to user 2 the connection stays on, if I connect using user 2 and switch to user 1 the connection hangs up.

I have 2 questions, firstly does anyone know how to fix the above? Secondly I am soon to get broadband and understand that this is 'on' all the time if the problem above occurs when swithcing users will this actually disconnect the broadband in the same way it currently does?

All help very much appreciated

  FEISAR 21:52 18 Mar 2003

This will occur because one user sign on is set as Administrator(by default). This will be the sign on that allows you to switch users while on line. The other will not have administrator rights which is why you get disconnected when you try to change to the administrator identity whilst on-line.

A word of caution, using separate sign-ons in XP puts quite a strain on resources, memory especially, as each profile is loaded on start up. If you dont play games or use your PC for memory intensive activities this wont be a problem.

The windows help will explain in quite plain terms how to set-up sign-ons and access rights.

hope this helps.

  NICTRY 21:58 18 Mar 2003

Hi Feisar,

I totally understand your response but as I have changed the second user to have admin rights why does this still not cure the problem?

I do not use the PC for anything other than switching between email accounts for myself and other family members which is why I set up the different user accounts. If by changing both users to admin this problem still occurs is there any other options?

Thanks in advance

  NICTRY 21:26 19 Mar 2003

Anyone offer any advice re above???? Please!!!

  NICTRY 19:41 20 Mar 2003

ßéŁâ, you are a star, thanks problem resolved!!!

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