XP Startup problem

  Si258 11:18 02 Jul 2004

After a recent catastrophic crash, I reformatted my hard drive (two partitions labelled C: & E:). I re-installed Windows XP Pro, but now when I start up everything seems to be verrrrry slow. Also, during the windows start up, I get a blank light blue screen for about 30 seconds followed by

"Checking file system on E:
The type of the file system is FAT 32.
One of your disks needs to be checked for consistency. You may cancel the disk check but it is strongly recommended that you continue.
Windows will now check the disk.
Volume serial number OA18-1BFE.
The specified disk appears to be a non-Windows XP disk.
Do you want to continue (Y/N) No
Error in writing to output log.

After another minute or so, with no intervention from me, it goes on to load windows, but everything seems to take for ever. Windows is also very unstable, shutting down or losing screen items seemingly at random.

When I go into Task Manager, Processes, there is very little I don't recognize, but there are a number of processes running named "svchost.exe" taking lots of processor power. If I end these randomly, things seem to speed up a bit, but then I start losing funtionality.

I'm running XP Pro on a Packard Bell 800MHz with a 20Gb Fujitsu hard drive. XP had been fine for over a year prior to this. THe crash was caused after trying to load XP SP1.

Any ideas anyone?

  hillybilly 13:15 02 Jul 2004

Have you tried running a full surface scan of your disk just to see if you any bad blocks. if you have the this would probably be the cause of slow running. Also if you have bad blocks you will need to replace your disk asap. What caused your catastrophic crash in the first place?

  sil_ver 13:40 02 Jul 2004

do you have a particular reason to format in FAT32 rather than NTFS? NTFS is more efficient and reliable than FAT32 (or so I'm told) also you might try this program from click here for optimising your services that are running in the b'ground. I might be tempted to reformat drive E

  Si258 14:53 02 Jul 2004

Don't know what caused the crash, except on re-start after SP1 load I had a major boot-up problems and the only way out was to run a recovery disk.

I will give the surface scan a try after work tonight.

Prior to my crash, my hard drive was formatted in NTFS. It was split into C: & D: partitions. A second hard drive (that is still okay) was partitioned into G: & H:. Since my crash and re-format of my main drive, it seems to have renamed my drives. My main drive is now C: & E: and my secondary drive is D: & G:! I have been home at lunchtime and booted up. In "My Computer" on checking my drive partition sizes, C: is now the whole hard drive and when I try to access E:, the whole thing locks up!

  sil_ver 15:10 02 Jul 2004

If you have two HDDs then they will auto detect as C; and D: with any other partitions (say,2) E: and F:
you appear to have a conflict on the C: drive regarding partitioning. This is a bit of a minefield for me as I usually use Partitionmagic rather than FDisk. My feeling is that you need to repartition, format both C: and E: and re-install your OS. Others may think differently and I would bow to their superior knowledge.

  Si258 15:53 02 Jul 2004

You're hardly talking to an expert here! Unless anyone comes up with anything better, I'll give it a go before I re-load all my applications. Thanks

  hillybilly 16:15 02 Jul 2004

Hi don't use fdisk unless you prepared to start all over again. Fdisk will wipe everything off your disk, ues Partionmagic this will aleast let you alter the size of and create new partions without loosing data. If you have not got a copy then search through PCadvisor and try download something similar. But I would still d ascan of your disk.

  Si258 23:17 02 Jul 2004

Scanned my disks, fixed my problems and everything is running faster than I've ever seen it go!!!

Many thanks to all who helped.


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