XP starts then very slow

  eedcam 12:31 13 Apr 2013

For about a week now the Pc windows XPSP3 starts ok up to the screen background an all the icons ok but no Icons in the right hand bottom tray. Nothing works but after about 15mins all is ok . I have process lasso installed and the little cpu monitor does not appear until about 10 mins in then slowly starts to show some CPU movement then as said all is ok. Done a defrag and av scan nowt wrong bit apprehensive of mucking about with anything other than normal programmes any suggestions please

  northumbria61 13:13 13 Apr 2013

I don't have a lot of knowledge about process lasso but what I have read it is a "tweaking" program. It also appears to have a feature "start-up" delay - ie: your prgrams start up in a particular order with a specific delay in between. This could be why certain features are not displaying from the start. You need to take a look at the setup again and configure it correctly if you have been changing it.

  eedcam 14:59 13 Apr 2013

Thanks guys first no have not got new anti virus and have made no changes to Process lassoo As for task manager when I did open that NOTHING was using anything other than system Idle Re updates I did not have that enabled least not in the main block but I now it is enabled in services , however I dont update so it wereen't that that caused it I.l see what happensafter disabling it in services

  eedcam 18:54 13 Apr 2013

I've already used Ccleaner nowt wrong in Device manager and the Pc runs perfect once it starts wont be trying Malware dont pay for software like that and hard drive has ample space .Auto updates had no effect and neither did disabling Process lasso

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:20 13 Apr 2013

Download and run CCleaner free

Run the cleaner - then click registry and run the registry cleaner - fix all selected issues do a few times until it stops finding anything.

Next click tools - startup disable everything except your antivirus and firewall (you can re-enable after the next boot if it makes no difference)

Reboot and see what happens.

Malwarebytes is free for personal use.

  eedcam 09:43 19 Apr 2013

Problem sorted it was a programme called Rapport some Banks advise using it for security once I stopped starting the PC starts fine Thanks to all for advice

  onthelimit1 12:24 19 Apr 2013

I've posted here numerous times about the random faults that this dreadful software has caused. If I'm give a computer to sort now, the first thing I do is check for rapport and uninstall it as a check. It can always be downloaded again if it wasn't he culprit.

  onthelimit1 12:28 19 Apr 2013

If anyone wants to read about the varied problems caused by this software, have a read here.

  eedcam 18:21 19 Apr 2013

Wel I only sussed it through elimination one by one of start up problems . I contacted Trustee who then ask you to send them logs granted they give you a step by step guide and /or a video on YouTube. Funnily enough even their instructions dont work each time I tried to paste the second log into the new folder I got File xxxx already exists told them that and not heard from them since .

  onthelimit1 19:27 19 Apr 2013

rdave - it is odd - I've also seen loads of computers where TR does not cause any problems. Still seems to me that they are using bank's customers to perfect their imperfect software!

  eedcam 22:11 19 Apr 2013

Just had a reply from Trustee Seems there should have been an Update that fixes it but I never allow auto updates and they dont tell you an update is available this is their reply Thank you for sending us the logs. We are glad to inform you that the issue you've encountered with Rapport has been resolved in the latest configuration. The update should have taken place automatically, in order to confirm this please try manually checking for Rapport updates: 1. Open the Rapport console (Start > Programs > Trusteer Rapport > Rapport console)2. Click "More settings"3. Click "Check for updates"4. The update status should appear on the bottom in blue letters5. Restart your computer Please check if the issue recurs. Should the problem persist, we would be very interested in fixing it.

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