XP start-up woe

  Bleep 12:49 28 Dec 2004


The problem that is happening is on a Mesh Matrix 64 3000, running WinXP Home SP1.

The computer is faling to load windows and just hangs on the Windows XP logo screen with the orange bar going from left to right. I have waited for 30mins and still it does not load the o/s.

The Computer will start in safe mode though and is fully function there.

I have tried to restore to 5 different points and still the computer will only boot in safe mode.

I have tried to disable all non-essential hardware through device manager to no avail, the computer still hangs and then will only boot in safe mode.

I have disabled all of the following start-up options:



Load System Services

Load Start-up Items

And still the computer will only start in safe mode.

I have disabled the Video card and this still does'nt help, and i'm begining to reach the limit of my knowedge.

I have removed all non essential programs from add and remove and backed up all vital files.

Two points may be significant, I am unable to successfully update Norton NIS 2004 or use Windows update with both proccess accessing the sites but giving errors messages when trying to access and download content content?

I have the Mesh Recovery Disk but am really trying resolve this without having to re-install hours worth of programs etc!

All assitance will be much appreciated.

  VoG II 12:54 28 Dec 2004

Have you tried Last Known Good Configuration (on the same menu as Safe Mode)?

  AragornUK 12:57 28 Dec 2004

Have you tried looking in the Event Viewer? It might be visible on your START => ALL PROGRAMS menu in a folder called Administrative Tools.

If the folder isn't there you can either: Right click the task bar, properties, Start Menu, Customise, Advanced, then scroll down the first list for Administrative Tools and select to show on memnu. Then Start => All Programs = Administrative Tools => Event Viewer.

If that sounds like a lot of work try typing: C:\Windows\system32\eventvwr.msc /s into the RUN box. This will launch the Event Viewer. Click the System option and see if you have any red circles with white crosses indicating errors, at a time when you know you've tried to boot normally. If you have, post back and let us know what they say.

  AragornUK 12:58 28 Dec 2004

That's if the Event Viewer will work in Safe Mode. XP is a bit funny in that respect :o(

  Bleep 12:59 28 Dec 2004

Thanks yes I have tried that to no avail.

  Bleep 13:00 28 Dec 2004

Thanks for that, i'm currently @ work so not with the PC but will action that when at friends house and posts results thanks.

  Bleep 13:13 28 Dec 2004

My friends is in a bit of a blind panic, am I right in saying that the fact we are able to access and use the PC in safe mode means that the hardware i.e Hardrive etc is all working ok and that this is some kind of software, XP issue, virus, driver conflict problem?

Which in turn means that it should be resolved with a process of elimination?

Also do you think that manually stripping the PC of all installed software one @ a time i.e real player, photshop etc might be worth trying?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:18 28 Dec 2004

Hardware ok, this is usually a driver problem.
Especially as you are getting into safe mode ok.

un install and reinstall /update device drivers starting with graphics driver.

  gudgulf 13:40 28 Dec 2004

I agree with Fruit Bat /\0/\ ,sound like a driver issue.If you open "device manager" and look for any yellow exclaimation marks.That might help you pinpoint any issues with drivers.

Have you any idea what was run or running when the problem occurred?.I'm thinking on the lines of any program uninstalls or adware/spyware removal programs but any information on what was being done on the pc prior to the problem might help.

  snowball-t 13:48 28 Dec 2004

Hi. I had a simular problem some weeks ago. Like you I was reaching the end of my tether. It turned out to be a non system disk error, I had left a floppy disk in the drive, could it be something so simple? Is the system restore enabled?

  Bleep 14:33 28 Dec 2004

Hi guys thanks for imput.

In terms of device manger I have already disabled all non-essential hardware in device manager and still the problem persists.

In terms of programs running before problem my freind swears that he was just doing normal word and excel based tasks.

I have checked all drives nad all are empty.

When I get to his house from work im going to start by going to event log and posting error messages, if unsuccessful from that start un-installing programs the re-installing looking for a culprit.

My friend has the Mesh recovery cd do you think that I would be able to access the recovery console from there or would it be a case of restoring back to factory settings?

Many thanks to all imput

Oh one last thing he tried to install SP2 last month but it had to be un-installed as the computer would re-boot on windows xp logo do to a AMD64 compatability issue .

However that was un-installed fine and the computers has run well for a month since then, sureley thats not significant?

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