XP Start up

  bod999 08:26 01 Apr 2003

I installed xp on my machine at Christmas and have no real problems until now.

On four occasions in the last week or so when starting the computer all goes well until you pick the user profile, once this is done the computer carries on starting up but when finished all i have is the wallpaper no shortcuts, taskbar or anything else.

Using Ctrl,Alt,Delete I can start task manager and with this i can see that all programs seem to be there but I cannot get the computer to boot correctly even by re-starting.

The only way I seem to be able to recover the situation is to re-install xp from the disc. Once this has been done everything is fine for a while then the problem re-occurs.

Any suggestions please

  Lozzy 10:49 01 Apr 2003

What is your system spec. Please give full details of ram, hdd size, processor, make and model, Bios version, etc..

Download this if you don't know and it will tell you.. click here

Also please state how you re-installed XP was it loaded over the existing version or did you carry out a full re format.. Back up all your data before you do anything else or you may find you will loose it..

  Lozzy 12:02 01 Apr 2003

Ok so you have XP Pro,, what the answers to the rest??

  bod999 13:54 01 Apr 2003

I have a compaq 5456 I have upgraded the HD to 40gig I have put in 512 pc133 memory The processor is a celeron 466 I do not have access to the machine at present so i am not sure of the bios version, I have also installed a 64mb pci graphics card this was done at the same time as Xp the first time. Xp was loaded over the existing version.

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