XP SP3 update has lost internet connection

  In Oxford 12:11 11 Dec 2008

Sorry if this has been asked before - been searching Google for answers.

Yesterday afternoon my XP machine did an automatic update when I was away from the computer, it restarted and since then no internet connection.

Have found and followed Microsoft articles.


None have solved the problem.

I have uninstalled XP SP3

Used a program called RegistrySmart, it shows no errors in registry.

Tried to roll back XP with system restore, and it will not let me do it.

Download and run the Symantec Registry Repair Tool

Computer came with XP pre installed so cannot re install XP.

Router is all wired. Four ports.

Port 1 My Imac
Port 2 My Son's Mac
Port 3 Laptop
Port 4 XP Pro machine will not connect.

Bought new cable, cable works on other machines.

All other machines work, I am sending this on my Imac.

Everything worked fine until the SP3 upgrade.

The two small computer icon in task bar are greyed out with yellow triangle exclamation mark.

Go into Network Connection and right click the Local Area Connection and Repair.

Windows looks to find IP address, but give error message consult you network advisor.

Stuck now for what to do next, any suggestions


  oldbeefer2 12:18 11 Dec 2008

Can you try Safe Mode and see if you can roll back from there?

  birdface 12:22 11 Dec 2008

Like oldbeefer2 says try system restore in safe mode.Or right click Local Area Connection and press repair see what that comes up with. Or File.And make sure work offline is not ticked.

  birdface 12:24 11 Dec 2008

Sorry you already tried Local area connection repair.

  In Oxford 13:03 11 Dec 2008

System restore has worked in Safe Mode.

Still showing no internet connection.

Local Area Connection
limited or no connectivity
Via Rhine 11 Fast Ethernet Adapter

I looked for update driver for the adapter yesterday but could not find enough info.

There are several model numbers but mine does not show a model number


Just check registry and repaired some errors but still no connection.

  birdface 13:16 11 Dec 2008

Not sure if this will work but it is free.click here or maybe wait till someone else can give you the information that you need.

  In Oxford 13:37 11 Dec 2008

Thanks - but for that to work I would guess it needs an internet connection to scan my machine and then go online looking for updates.

I am writing this on my Imac, the programs that I have used so far have been loaded onto the Windows machine using a USB drive from Imac to XP machine.

  In Oxford 13:38 11 Dec 2008

I wonder if it would solve the problem if I went up to the computer shop and bought a new card?

They can't be too expensive.

  Stuartli 15:02 11 Dec 2008

This is often due to the drivers for the modem or router and/or LAN requiring to be reinstalled.

  Stuartli 15:08 11 Dec 2008

Via Rhine II Ethernet Adapter (Realtek) drivers can be found at:

click here

  In Oxford 23:07 11 Dec 2008

Done a system restore in safe mode but no different.

Still working on it.

Now have a connection, the two small computer icons show a transfer off info for a short while then the page stops trying to load in Firefox. Looks like it's sending but not receiving.

Will only connect with fixed DNS servers, and IP numbers.

Removed Norton Firewall, disabled Windows firewall still not loading any internet pages.

Thought it could be DNS settings, but have used the ones from Pipex support pages so they should be correct.

Will not obtain IP of DNS automatically as it did before.

It looks like it's either not getting the Domain Name Server requests, or a firewall rule is blocking inward, but turning off firewall should eliminate this possibility, but it hasn't.

SpyBot show no infections, Spyware Doctor clean, RegistrySmart no problems showing.

Somehow some settings are wrong.

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