XP SP2 Slipstream

  Spark6 15:58 12 Mar 2005

After fitting a new 80Gb drive into one of my units I attempted to instal XP using a slipstreamed CD. The full format went OK and the installation started and was OK up to the Windows logo and the 'exciting new look'.

The installation stopped when a Fatal Error came up stating that an error had been encountered that prevented setup from continuing. One of the components that Windows needed could not be installed.

Installation failed: D:\1386\asms. Error message: Incorrect function.

The installation was successful using my seperate XP and SP2 discs.

Has anyone else experienced this?

  User-312386 16:07 12 Mar 2005

Why the "D" drive?

Looks like windows has tried to load on the "D" drive and not C drive

Disconnect any hard drives and see what happens

  mattyc_92 16:11 12 Mar 2005

I haven't had this problem with mine....

How did you slipstream it??? Did you do it "manually" or did you use a program like AutoStream???

You may have missed some files out....

  Spark6 20:06 12 Mar 2005

The slipstream CD was in the 'D' drive so I assume that was where the error was!

I used the Autostream programme recommended here last year but this was the first time I had used it in anger. Nice to know that it has been used successfully.

  Chegs ® 23:12 12 Mar 2005

The error message is about "E:\i386\asms" and E: is the cdrom drive. There are many possible causes for this error. Some atapi cdrom's will cause a system crash from time to time if installed as slaves with some HDDs as masters (I had that problem). Maybe the cd fails with your cdrom drive now (even if it worked in the past) but not with other drives. What I recommend: use a Win98 boot floppy - with xcopy, format and fdisk on it - and create two FAT32 partitions on the HDD (c: and d:), d: should have 5-20GB, format them, use xcopy to copy the cd on the d: drive (xcopy e:\*.* d:\ /e). Ignore "path too long" errors - if any. Type d:\i386\winnt.exe at the command prompt. This will install XP from the hard disk. You can convert c: to NTFS after the installation is done (convert c: /FS:NTFS).

From here click here

  Spark6 00:05 13 Mar 2005

Totally confused now. The error message was definitely D:\1(or i)386\asms. I take your point though regarding the cdrom drive.

My setup on this unit is an 80Gb master with a 40Gb slave and DVD and CDrom separate.

  bvw in bristol 00:44 13 Mar 2005

It'll be the slipstreamed CD at fault....just a bad or poor quality CD. Use good quality cd's.

I've clean installed using a slipstreamed XP SP2 Cd with no problems.

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