XP sp2 Pros and cons

  Simon_P 20:14 22 Aug 2004

Just wondered if there any cons to the sp2 before I download and install? As I have been away and have not yet read much about it


  hubdean 20:17 22 Aug 2004

i downloaded sp2 last night alls well
Hope it stays that way

  MIke 20:22 22 Aug 2004

No problems yet other than with virgin download site, see my other thread.

Even programs that MS said behave differently seem OK. Adobe Photoshop Elements e.g is OK though help system does give a security prompt about using active x controls. Just accep[t them and it works fine. My antivirus software works too even though it was listed on their site as behaving differently.

  Pete_W 20:24 22 Aug 2004

I've put an image copy on another partition to add SP2 & try it a couple of weeks first... sceptical or what?

  Simon_P 20:44 22 Aug 2004

Its a suck it and see scenario
I don’t foresee any major issues as almost all of my software is relatively new (2004 versions etc)
I was just hunting for potential issues; although I have faith in MS there are almost always teething problems with new software, as there are so many variables as to what a PC is.

  Simon_P 19:45 23 Aug 2004

I am having problems even downloading sp2

Having decided to go ahead I opened the auto update balloon on the taskbar and selected the download option, the box and balloon have disappeared, there in no progress icon that is usually there when applying updates and after 24 hours still nothing.

I have been to the windows update NEW site which just tell me that auto updates are enabled (I know that) and that I need to do nothing, well there is nothing I can do as it wont let me do anything and just takes me back where I started.

Maybe I have missed a point somewhere, but MS don’t seem to have made v5 user friendly.

Any suggestions appreciated

  Simon_P 20:15 23 Aug 2004


  researcher 21:42 23 Aug 2004

Simon7063, I have had the exactly the same experience. Will just wait and see for now.

  Big Trev 21:52 23 Aug 2004

I installed XP2 and it seemed to force the computer to lose the printer, sound card and TV card. Got the printer reinstalled after discovering a corrupt Autoexac.nt file. Still struggling with the others.

  pcwhizz 22:03 23 Aug 2004

Im one of the lucky buggers who has not suffered with any probs from the new service pack 2.

one question though!

why have microsoft changed the startup screen to just say MICROSOFT WINDOWS XP on its own. It no longer contains the HOME or PROFESSIONAL Label.

Are they mergin the two versions or sumthin?

  Simon_P 22:52 23 Aug 2004

Several people have said that but I have not seen any explanation to it anywhere.

As I seem unable to download it for some reason it looks like I won’t be able to find out whether is works ok or not.

Up till now I have never had any problems getting updates, only since the new v5 win update page was released.

As I am using XP home on a 1.5 Mbps connection it should not be a problem. As I said I selected download now and since then nothing at all has happened. I expected to get the download status icon but it has not appeared. My PC is connected to the net for at least 5 hours a day so I don’t know what the problem is.

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