XP SP2 firewall

  sneakerman 13:06 09 Aug 2004

I have a dektop PC connected to a wireless router/adsl ethernet modem and a laptop with a wireless card.
Until recently I had zonealarm on both but now use SP2 as my firewall on both.

I don't need to configure the other IP address on the other machine as I did with ZA, surely I have to specify who/what is allowed through the firewall for it to be an effective firewall
(The reason for the software firewall is to stop unwanted outbound connections)

Am I missing something?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:16 09 Aug 2004

All SP2 does is to make sure the XP Firewall switched on.

Xp fire wall is very basic you would do better to switch it off and revert to the free ZA firewall.

  Bowsprit 13:28 09 Aug 2004

All the XP firewall does is prevent incoming access to the computer and if the SP2 version is the same you require something less basic.

  techpro 15:32 09 Aug 2004

That's not true. I have seen the SP2 firewall ask when some program wanted to connect to the Internet. It looks to me like a good alternative to products like ZoneAlarm, especially as it apparently knows about various Windows components and doesn't bother asking you about those.

Personally I find personall firewalls like Sygate drive me up the wall by asking me whether it's OK for some DLL that recently changed to access some weird port. I end up answering "yes" because I haven't a clue, and I'm supposed to be an expert...

I think the SP2 firewall hit the right balance for ordinary users. The main problem (and unfortunately it's a big one) is that (according to one beta tester) it's easy for a rogue program to authorize itself to pass through, just by adding its name to a list in the registry. Doh!

  medicine hat 17:28 09 Aug 2004

Typical, though perhaps that will be sorted out in the final version

  victor meldrew 17:38 09 Aug 2004

I know the original xp firewall only stopped incoming traffic, but I actually tested it with the symantec test,and it actually performed better than thier own norton personal firewall, According to latest reading the new xp firewall is much better so we shall see

  Tree3 17:48 09 Aug 2004

where can i find sp2 to download so it can be put on multiple computers but only downloaded once, not using the windows update because i want the install file, i know this hasnt goto do with the topic but would like to know

  victor meldrew 17:51 09 Aug 2004

Should be on M/soft site next week so I've heard

  [DELETED] 18:00 09 Aug 2004

You need to personalise windows update to download a file once to enable you to install it on several machines.

  sneakerman 19:14 09 Aug 2004

IT would appear to be available for download i.e. to deploy to more than one PC from click here

All 3 lines need to be strung together.

I have also found a document at click here

and this seems to say that the SP2 firewall is inward only, so I think it is back to my old friend Zonealarm - Unless some one knows any better!!!

PS wait till I have finished my SP2 download - it seems bit slow

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