XP SP2, downloaded installed, what is big fuss?

  TomJerry 12:42 13 Aug 2004

Installed SP2, find no difference, just wonder what is the big fuss. It is just a collection of bug fix.

As for security, I already have AV and firewall software installed and updated. Can anyone tell me what SP2 can offer me I do not have now?

  [DELETED] 12:48 13 Aug 2004

I couldn't agree with you more. If, as you say, a few bug fixes and upgrades can cause this much feverish anticipation and excitement - then I hate to think what state some people will be in if Half-Life2/The Sims 2 ever make it to the shelves.
All I can say is I hope there's enough NHS hospital beds on standby :-)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:53 13 Aug 2004


Nice little heart icon in the system tray.

Pain when want to download to switch of the internet explorer popup stopper (Did you notice the information bar, my old eyes didn't) :0)

277 Mb down load, Microsoft fixed all the bugs, I doubt it!


  Djohn 13:16 13 Aug 2004

TomJerry. You surprise me, you were so keen to download SP2 and find out all the new options and fixes it contains. I've not yet downloaded it myself as it is not available on the Microsoft site but look forward to doing so when it is released.

Are you sure it's just a collection of bug fixes, from what I've read on the release notes there are some major improvements to security and the overall impression formed so far is one of a significant improvement to the working of XP. I will be downloading SP2 so I hope it will be worth while! :o(

Regards. j.

  TomJerry 13:38 13 Aug 2004

for "IT professional" and "OEM manufacturer" was realsed click here

  TomJerry 13:39 13 Aug 2004

272391 KB, 272MB?

  obbit 14:11 13 Aug 2004

Some users are reporting conflicts with non M$ programs.

  Stuartli 14:15 13 Aug 2004

These are Microsoft links to things that can/could go wrong:

click here;ln;xpsp2swhw

click here;[ln];xpsp2cnfgtshoot

These are just for starters. I trust your confidence is not misplaced...:-)

There are also various links to what SP2 can do for you. I presume you have read them despite your question?

  Stuartli 14:20 13 Aug 2004

"The SP2 update is intended to make Windows XP a much tougher target for virus writers and malicious hackers."

For those new to computer systems this is probably a vital factor.

  TomJerry 15:07 13 Aug 2004

I have not found anything wrong yet. All my programs work.

  fuzzyone 15:42 13 Aug 2004


I've had rc1 and rc2 installed, with no problems, but when installing the final release, it would not recognise my Norton firewall, and caused a few problems with other software.

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