pat2068 00:21 12 Aug 2004

i installed xp sp2 and uninstalled it because when i went on to the website which i play games on it would'ent display all the webpage i could get the game but could'ent get the chat we play in teams so did'ent no who i was playing is there anyway of fixing this so i can install it again thanks leo

  powerless 00:28 12 Aug 2004

Which website?

  pat2068 00:30 12 Aug 2004

game desire .com and it is when i go into a room to play it cuts of the chat thanks leo

  pat2068 01:48 12 Aug 2004

please guys can someone help me leo

  Djohn 02:01 12 Aug 2004

Haven't installed it myself yet but could it be anything to do with the firewall settings or maybe the pop-up stopper?

  pat2068 02:04 12 Aug 2004

i dident use the firewall but i dident think of the pop-up stopper but i am not to happy to install it again until i no for sure as it spoils all my games thanks leo

  jolorna 08:09 12 Aug 2004

i have the xp sp2 installed i just went to the site and tried it and it worked ok for me i had to click to install the active x from the bar that shows on the new sp2 ie window

  rawprawn 08:14 12 Aug 2004

On many sites there is a small beige coloured bar that comes at the top of the screen, if you right click on that you are given choices of whether or no to accepy pages/downloads from that site. It threw me at first and I still sometimes forget.

  User-312386 08:34 12 Aug 2004

I have XPSP2 installed

there is no problem with that site, however, have you looked under the private tab?

To look, go to tools>internet options>privacy tab

Now look in sites and settings tabs

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