XP SP1 running slow

  wint 10:02 07 Sep 2003

Having previously removed SP1 because it causes my PC to slow down, it thinks about things before doing anything, only a second but that's enough.

I now realise that I need bits of SP1 including USB2 support.

Is there any way anyone knows of to regain my previous speed?

Apart from un-installing SP1 again.

PC = Athlon 1400 & 512 Mb RAM. 80GB Western Digital + 8Mb cache (which speeded things up as opposed to other disk with very little cache)

  JMG 14:11 07 Sep 2003

There is a well known problem with Norton AV products and SP1. Look on the Microsoft knowledge base if you have Norton AV, there is a fix if memory serves.

  wint 18:36 07 Sep 2003

I don't use Norton, in the past it has caused conflicts so I tend to avoid it.

Thanks for the suggestion though.

Any more?

  steved 15:46 23 Oct 2003

Can't find this on MS knowledge base (I'm running Norton a/v 2003 with SP1 and suffer the same problem) - can anybody point me in the right direction?

  steved 13:44 24 Oct 2003


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