XP sound problems

  dms_05 08:26 02 Jun 2008

I'm running XP SP3. If I play mp3 tracks through WMP all is well and I get full sound. However when I'm on the Internet (browser independent) I can't get any sound from websites. I've checked Control Panel>Sounds and Audio Devices and all the selections are correct.

My Audio Controller is a SiS7012 and the AC97 codec is ALC203. Device Manager reports all OK and a RealTek AC97 device.

Any ideas were to look next?

  dms_05 09:16 02 Jun 2008

It is enabled. And the problem occurs with IE7, Firefox and Opera. I'm now out of any further ideas of where to look!

  dms_05 09:20 02 Jun 2008

I've just tried a set of powered speakers and that doesn't make any difference.

So sound OK from WMP but not any other source.

  Stuartli 10:21 02 Jun 2008

Have you checked from Control Panel>Sounds and Audio Devices that your Realtek onboard sound is configured as the Default Sound Device from the Audio and Voice tabs?

  Stuartli 11:02 02 Jun 2008

As the sound is working OK with WMP, it's unlikely to be the drivers, although updating to the latest version won't do any harm, but configuration.

Could be worth checking that all the necessary inputs/outputs are Enabled and not Muted or the slider(s) inadvertently set on minimum, from the Volume icon on the Notification bar.

  dms_05 12:59 02 Jun 2008

I have the latest drivers installed and all the relevant sliders are set to maximum (just in case!). Nothing is muted. WMP output is fine (and loud). My soundcard is the only one listed so no other options avilable. Very odd!

I'm going to try installinb a VoIP phone as that will generate an extra soundcard to try.........and I did but still no output via my speakers or a headset, except from WMP.

  dms_05 13:00 02 Jun 2008

I've also dropped my Firewall to check that wasn't blocking a port. No difference with or without the Firewall.

  dms_05 14:17 02 Jun 2008

Every site! No sound from any. However my Grand Daughter is specifically annoyed about click here

I'll check I have Flash loaded!

  dms_05 14:57 02 Jun 2008

brundle - done that (ie uninstalled then installed the latest version). Still not working. After I uninstalled then IE7 did report I couldn't run the site because Flash Player was missing - so I installed it. Now the site ignores Flash Player (so is it installed?) but doesn't produce sound!

Incidentally if you run several browsers like IE7, Firefox and Opera which version of the Flash Player do you install?

  dms_05 17:12 02 Jun 2008

brundle - I tried the Flash web Manager and one of their suggestions was to run the K-Lite Codec Tweak Tool. I downloaded and ran it (very small) then chose what looked like the likely parameters. Problem solved. Looks like a broken codec.

Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.

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