XP software to run on win 95 ??

  [DELETED] 20:11 29 Jul 2003

Wife runs win 95 and I xp pro. The question is, is it possible to install software (in this case a calender creator) on xp computer and some how configure it, burn to cd so it will run on win 95.

To keep her sticky fingers off my computer!!!!

Any ideas/suggestions. Thanks..Lap..

  [DELETED] 10:07 30 Jul 2003

Please help otherwise the wife will be using my computer. The end is nigh. Any ideas?? Ta..Lap..

  [DELETED] 10:09 30 Jul 2003

Why not just install it on the 95 PC?

Not sure why you want to "install software (in this case a calender creator) on xp computer and some how configure it, burn to cd so it will run on win 95"

If it won't run on 95 then the answer is no really. Up to date software may not run on old OS's.

  [DELETED] 11:24 30 Jul 2003

As jester says, If the spec for the program includes win95 no problem, just install it.
I do not see why something as simple as this type of app should not run on win95, but check first.
It is very unlikely that burning the XP installation to disc and copying that to the other machine will work, If I have understood you correctly.

  [DELETED] 09:19 31 Jul 2003

To explain further: wife requires a calender creator to run on win 95. The one she has the 'dates' only go up to 2003. Unless I'm mistaken she cannot run anything newer than win 95. So if I buy a calender creator to run on my xp pro the idea is, is it possible to save this in a format that will run on her win 95.

Unless of course someone knows of a calender creator for win 95 that the dates go beyond 2003?

Thanks and if I do not receive any replies, do you know of a good divorce solicitor. Cheers..Lap

  [DELETED] 09:32 31 Jul 2003

So basically the program has come to the end of its useful life at the end of this year.

Any future purchases can be checked to see if they will run on Windows 95 buy looking on the box.

I don't know what you want to achieve with regards to save in the progrma in a format that will run on Win95.

A program will either run and install on Win95 or it won't.

You don't need to save it in a format that will work on 95.

Just install it as you did on the WinXP PC on the Win95 PC.

You might be breaking licensing laws if you do - thats your choice.

  [DELETED] 11:08 31 Jul 2003

I have nothing further to add to Jester's comments. You cannot change a program's code to run on other versions of Windows.
However if you want a calendar creator you can try Calendar Creator 7 available from Amazon.com.
This runs on Win95 upwards and costs £9.99

  [DELETED] 12:49 31 Jul 2003

Thank you very much for your replies. Just got back from 'Staples' and purchased a programme, Serif Publishing which includes a calender creator up to date 2100 £9.99. Ironically the only OS it won't run on is win xp!!!

Thanks again, I was getting desperate a divorce is one thing but letting her use my computer NEVER. Cheers..Lap..

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