XP sleep/standby mode

  guesswho2 17:07 03 Nov 2008

Having just installed a router in place of the Thompson Speedtouch 330, I thought it would be useful to be able to put the computer to sleep rather than shut down when not in use. However, when I go into the Phoenix Award BIOS and change the Power Button Function to Suspend, this seems to have no effect. When I press the button it still shuts down. Can someone suggest how I may get it to go into some kind of sleep state.
It's a 4 year old Evesham Windows XP Home, about 1GHz, 1GB RAM, loads of hard drive.

  Ashrich 18:30 03 Nov 2008

Changing things in the bios isn't the same as changing in the OS , try looking at the power options in control panel/power options/advanced , you can change the settings from there . Sleep/stand by also requires the correct video drivers to be installed , without these it will be missing from the shut down menu .


  guesswho2 18:37 03 Nov 2008

Thanks Ashrich.
I had already tried all the options in Control Panel - that's what made me try the BIOS. All to no avail I'm afraid. Now that you've made that suggestion though, perhaps I should now try again in Control Panel. Not hopeful though!

  guesswho2 18:51 03 Nov 2008

Back again Ashrich.
Well now, in Power Options/Advanced I changed the power button option to 'Standby' and lo and behold it immediately showed standby and then tower case light went out but the fans obviously kept on running, judging by the noise. This seemed to defeat the purpose of saving energy though!
In the light of this development, further comment will be welcome!

  Ashrich 19:02 03 Nov 2008

Try activating Hibernate instead ( last tab in the row ) tick the box and see how it goes ...


  guesswho2 19:28 03 Nov 2008

mmmm, don't really want it to hibernate though.

  Ashrich 21:39 03 Nov 2008

If you want to save energy then sleep/stand by mode is probably the least efficient of them all , hibernate takes a snapshot of the PC's current state and stores it for later use , bypassing all the loading of drivers and so on so you get a much faster boot . I think you can stipulate in the bios settings whether you want the fans running or not ( depends on board maker ) but if the CPU is in a wakeful state so it can wake up and be at full speed it's fan will still be needed .


  guesswho2 09:55 04 Nov 2008

OK Ashrich, thanks for that note. When I noticed that the fans were still running, I had assumed that something was amiss but I take your point now about required cooling.
I can mark this as resolved now. Many thanks.

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