XP Shutdown shortcut

  trickydicky 10:31 27 Jul 2003

I am trying to create an XP shutdown shortcut that I was told to use, by typing in the command line, *runonce.exe-q *rundll32.exe shell32.dll, SHExitWindowsEx 1 but when I click the next button a dialog box pops up telling me that *runonce.exe-q cannot be found. Does anybody out there know what is wrong with this command, as my friend got this tip out of a computer magazine, and they are never wrong are they!!

  powerless 10:34 27 Jul 2003

shutdown.exe -s

Thats all that is needed.

  powerless 10:42 27 Jul 2003

Shutdown -s

Thats it.

  Tempest1 15:53 27 Jul 2003

Been using this program and it works well

click here

  Alwood 17:02 27 Jul 2003

why shut down quick? it is far better to start up quick by letting your PC hibernate, you then get a quick start up

  trickydicky 20:26 28 Jul 2003

The shutdown.exe utility does not power down my PC,but thanks anyway.Thanks Tempest1, the program you recommended does the job a treat, just one click and it shuts down. Cheers everybody

  A Cat Called George 17:36 21 Aug 2003

I came to this thread while looking for something to remind me of the shortcut for the Windows remote shutdown tool. After a bit of fiddling I arrived at this shortcut:- %windir%\System32\shutdown.exe -s -t 01

That will shutdown a pc running Windows XP Pro after a 1 second delay, I assume it works for XP home too. Just paste in:- shutdown.exe -s -t 01 and Windows will add the rest for you so the path will be correct. The delay can be adjusted by changing the number at the end of the shortcut.

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