xp shutdown

  Newuser4509 20:57 15 Jul 2003

i need help , my xp shutsdown ok , but does not power down my pc , my mate has exactly the same system , we built together and his shutsdown , so it must be something in my xp thats altered.
any advice is welcome

  Peverelli 21:02 15 Jul 2003

click here

About two thirds of the way down the page you'll come to "PowerDown issues". The suggestions here solved the problem on my PC.

  Peverelli 00:33 18 Jul 2003

Was it any help??

  Philip2 19:42 18 Jul 2003

Go to hardware then device manager click view then show hidden devices if you see a file with a red cross enable this device XP will then power down if Windows XP came with your computer then this thread will be no use to you.

  Peverelli 00:04 19 Jul 2003

Newuser4509 has emailed me to say "nope , sorry m8 , didnt help , can feel an fdisk and reinstall looming , but thanx for trying"

Any more suggestions?

  Azzy 00:23 19 Jul 2003

I heard quite a time ago that some computers allow you to shut down from the OS but still continues to try and end some of the processes and so does not power down until it ends this process. So what you could do is as soon as you log on open task manager and note down all the processes and then when you want to shut down look back in Tsk Man and leave it with the same processes running as when the computer had started. Although this might not work, and depending on how stable your comp is it could cause it to crash but it might be worth a try.

  hugh-265156 00:29 19 Jul 2003

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