XP shutdown

  bamfiesler 11:05 09 Nov 2003

Recently added new hdd, which has a clean good install of XP. All seems to be going fine, other than instead of the PC auto-shutdown, I am offered the black XP screen telling me I can turn off the computer. I didn't have this on the other hdd, which is now a Slave.

Any ideas? I've been into the BIOS, but I think there's more to it...

  VoG II 11:39 09 Nov 2003

click here and scroll down to "Powerdown Issues".

  bamfiesler 11:57 09 Nov 2003

my God. whata nightmare!

  critic-al 12:04 09 Nov 2003
  bamfiesler 13:51 09 Nov 2003

Thanks, guys, but I really don't get it. The old hdd had xp upgraded over 98se, and was fine, so what's been missed since the clean install on the clean install on the new hdd? I can still boot from the old drive, and it shuts down fine.

  gold 47 20:15 09 Nov 2003

Go to device manager click on view click show hidden devices click on NT AMP/LEGACY/SUPPORT and enable this if your computer came with XP already installed this will not apply.

  bamfiesler 22:49 09 Nov 2003

Gold 47

Thanks, but already tried that, and there is nothing like that in DM. The only thing I can find that may be relevant is in System Devices: VIA TECH Power Management Controller, which says '...not driver is installed or needed.'

At a loss, but it's more annoying than anything.

  gold 47 01:40 10 Nov 2003

Sorry i was unable to help,is your new hard drive
a WD make?? do what Vog said as this could have many issues ie programs running in the background
other installed software ect.

  bamfiesler 09:01 10 Nov 2003

yeah, WD hdd;relevant?

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