XP service pack 3

  six-h 16:48 26 Mar 2008

My PC is very sick!
I've done a factory re-set, that took me back to "as purchased condition"....2003!
Had to install SP2, and 98 updates that refused several times, and took me 20 hours at a stretch to coax them all to install!

Still I have the problem that I was trying to escape from!

Medion have just advised me to delete a folder that has appeared in my "D" (Backup) sector that had a long alpha numeric name, and contained a similarly named .txt file to which I was denied access.
They reckoned that was left by a virus that had been deleted previously, and may solve my problems.... it didn't!

I'm now faced with the prospect of an other factory re-set, and don't relish the prospect of all those updates.

Since I believe that "Service packs" are cumulative, I'm hoping to hang on 'till SP3 is fully released, before doing another re-set.

Does anyone know if SP3 will be available as a CD, as was SP2, since I fear that downloading it and burning to disc on my PC, it may end up contaminated by the problems I currently have.

  Clapton is God 16:50 26 Mar 2008
  skidzy 16:58 26 Mar 2008

It is good practice to have SP2 on disc just for this reason,obviously you have a SP1 version of windows,so having sp2 availble will certainly help you in the future.

SP2 download click here save to your desktop and burn to cd.

Do not open or run...save to the desktop or a folder where you can find it easily.

  six-h 17:13 26 Mar 2008

I already have SP2 on disk courtesy of this magnificent Mag.
My problem is with the struggle to install all the updates post XP2,which is a pain beyond belief!
Clapton is God.
Thanks for the link, I should read the mag. more carefully!
I must admit, I don't understand the technicalities of what was written, but does it in effect mean that by enabling windows to download SP3, there is no likelihood that any corruption to it may occur because of my machine not currently working properly?
and does it obviate the need to install XP SP2 + updates first?
Finally, should I wait for the final release before attempting it?

  Stuartli 18:39 26 Mar 2008

Autopatcher contains all the Post SP2 updates etc. See:

click here

Microsoft stopped this service being provided last August but appears to have relented - it certainly didn't do the software giant any favours taking such a stance.

SP2 includes SP1.

  six-h 18:56 26 Mar 2008

Two questions,
Given that if I do a Re-install of XP from my Medion OS Installation disk, I'm back to XP Home SP1.
If I then install the software from Microsoft necessary to install SP3 by download via the update site, should I then have SP2, and all updates as well as SP3?

If I go the same route as when I did the Factory Re-set, and install SP2 from the disk I have, I take it that the link you provided will install all the updates from SP2 to the present day without all the pain I experienced last time??

Then I can wait to install SP3 until any bugs are fixed.

  Ronnie268 18:59 26 Mar 2008

XP SP3 will be released sometime in April, by about the 10th

  Stuartli 19:04 26 Mar 2008

Autopatcher should provide all the updates required up to either last month or this month - it's updated every month (or was until Microsoft stepped in for a time).

I've been running SP3 Beta (second Beta?) since it was released. System is running very sweetly and monthly updates from Microsoft have not been needed as "You have a more up to date Service Pack installed" message appears.

At the time I did "Before" and "After SP3 Beta" backups; prior to the After SP3 backup I did a thorough Defrag.

  six-h 19:15 26 Mar 2008

I'm seriously thinking that my PC is only fit for landfill!

It wuold appear that I don't have any bakups or images that are not affected by these random freezes.

  cocteau48 19:32 26 Mar 2008

Download and unzip this registry script:
click here
then go to the microsoft update site and let it decide just how much of SP3 you need.
Unfortunately in your case it will probably be most of it but it will at least cut out anything in the 336MB SP3 package which you do not need.
SP3 contains all the the updates since SP2 but all may not be relevant to your particular set up.

  six-h 19:51 26 Mar 2008

Is that link the file refered to in the SP3 review?
>>Microsoft is using an interesting method to distribute Windows XP SP3. You don't download it as a separate .exe file - instead, you download a small executable file that, when run, changes your Registry so that Windows Update will download Windows XP SP3.<<
and if I use it directly after reverting to XP SP1, my PC is back up to date??

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