xp service pack 2...stay away

  zinnie 19:25 08 Sep 2004

I installed sp2 3 days ago.....I have had more trouble in those three days with the 'system locking' than I have had in the 3 years since I upgraded from w98 to wxp. When you look at it, all you get from sp2 is increased security which most of us have from freely availabe programs anyway......

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 19:41 08 Sep 2004

hi i never liked XPSP2 from the start people making lots of fuss over it!.im not gona touch it!.good luck mate!.ben

  VoG II 19:55 08 Sep 2004
  Jarvo 20:00 08 Sep 2004

Not strictly true there is a bit more to SP2 Than a updated firewall. this post should have been posted to the SP2 forum realy but ill see if I can help a litle. Many people have applied SP2 to there machines with no problem at all and a few have had minor problems which can be fixed.

Have you updated all your other software with patches that may be available for SP2, this may sound daft but even MS has patches for is Office products and XP SP2. Try all your software many of mine had paches.

maybe daft question but did you disable your av before install?

Try an uninstall and do the above (if you havent already) then reinstall. last but not least if this dose not help post exact problem in SP2 forum and I am sure the forum members will be able to help.

good luck


Ps I ve installed on four machines no problem

  Djohn 20:20 08 Sep 2004

Went onto my machine as sweet as a nut! No problems at all. I did though wait until the official version was on release from the Microsoft website as there appear to be slight differences between the Home and Pro Version.

I let M/S scan my PC and it downloaded/installed only the required files. 101 MB.

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